IEEVChina 2018 exhibition opened in Beijing

IEEV China 2018 exhibition opened in Beijing

World Intelligent Networking Auto Conference and the 6th China International Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Exhibition (IEEVChina 2018) held a photo in Beijing today


On the basis of the continuation and succession of the first five sessions of the “China International Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Exhibition and Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicle Achievement Exhibition (IEEVChina)”, the Beijing Municipal People’s Government and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly sponsored the industry. And the Ministry of Information Technology Equipment Industry Development Center, Beijing Economic and Information Technology Commission, China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, Beijing Shunyi District People’s Government, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Industry Branch, China Electrotechnical Society, Automotive Knowledge Magazine Co-organized by Beijing Zhongqi Sifang Exhibition Co., Ltd., the “World Intelligent Networking Auto Conference and the 6th China International Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Exhibition” (IEEVChina 2018) was held on October 18-21, 2018. Beijing National Convention Center was held. The theme of the conference was “Opening a New Era of Automobiles”. The three exhibitions, exhibitions, forums and dynamic events were linked, and the trinity was highlighted. The exhibition covers an area of 35,000 square meters. It covers 7 industrial fields including automobile, intelligent transportation, internet, communication, microelectronics, artificial intelligence and new energy. More than 180 domestic and foreign companies are exhibiting with the latest products and technologies. The number of participants in the forum is expected to be about 5,500, and the number of visitors is expected to reach 80,000.

In order to implement the State Council’s “Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2012-2020)”, with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Industry Branch, China Electrotechnical Society and Automotive Knowledge Magazine, Ryukyu Motors Group In 2013, the company established the China International Energy Conservation and New Energy Automobile Exhibition and the Energy Saving New Energy Automobile Industry Development Planning Exhibition. Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xin Guobin and other leaders visited the exhibition many times and gave important instructions to the exhibition. Under the continuous support and care of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and relevant leaders, after years of cultivation, the exhibition has continued to grow and develop, and has now developed into China’s largest professional exhibition of energy-saving and new-energy vehicles. It is the largest in China and even in Asia. Influential energy saving and new energy automotive professional exhibitions.

The newly upgraded IEEV China 2018 will actively build an international exhibition platform with the largest scale, the highest specification and the most intelligent network elements in the field of energy-saving and new energy vehicles and intelligent network vehicles leading the way of future travel, showing new energy and intelligence at home and abroad. To enhance the brand awareness of new energy and intelligent networked automobile companies, promote new products and technologies, and explore new ecology, new standards and new models.

Decoding future travel, creating a first-class exhibition and international exchange platform

IEEVChina 2018 exhibition opened in Beijing

Photo courtesy of the guests

The World Intelligent Networking Auto Conference and the 6th China International Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Exhibition are the themes of “Opening a New Era of Automobiles”. The exhibition, forum, and dynamic activities are linked together, and the exhibition, conference and interactive experience are a trinity. The highlights are numerous.

This year’s exhibition will cover an area of more than 35,000 square meters. It covers seven industrial fields including automobile, intelligent transportation, Internet, communication, microelectronics, artificial intelligence, and new energy. More than 180 domestic and foreign companies are exhibiting with the latest products and technologies. The exhibition area consists of 5 indoor exhibition halls, 10 special exhibition areas, outdoor test drive demonstration experience area, automatic driving demonstration experience area, plus dozens of simultaneous conferences and hundreds of interactive experience activities. The number of participants in the forum is expected to be about 5,500, and the number of visitors is expected to reach 80,000. In order to showcase the development achievements of China’s autonomous driving field and enhance the interactive experience, Baidu, Beiqi, Chang’an, FAW and other enterprises will conduct on-site self-driving vehicle test and demonstration activities.

For forums and conferences, the conference consists of one main forum, seven special forums, one international cooperation roundtable, one academician lecture hall, one future automobile developer conference, and more, and more than ten events. Experts from industry institutions and colleges, representatives from enterprises in the automotive, electronic technology, transportation, and investment and financing institutions will discuss new trends in industrial transformation and strive for high-end, cutting-edge, representative and influential, and become the future travel industry. feast. A series of concurrent conferences will be held in the same period of the exhibition. 2018 (7th) China Internet + New Energy Automobile Industry Development Summit Forum, 2018 (5th) Fuel Cell Vehicle Industry Development Summit Forum and China International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology Based on the previous forums, the application forum has given more new content and become a highlight in the forum.

Seven major areas cover the entire industrial chain, establish a new energy and intelligent network automotive industry wind vane

This year’s exhibition is mainly composed of two major sections: Energy Saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Achievement Exhibition, International Intelligent Networking Automobile and related industry exhibitions. It has passed the “complete vehicle exhibition area”, “key parts exhibition area”, “international exhibition area” and “intelligent Network Auto Show Zone, “Promotion and Application City Zone”, “Charging Pile and BMS Display Zone”, “Intelligent Traffic Display Zone”, “New Energy and Materials Exhibition Zone”, “Artificial Intelligence and IT Zone”, “Interactive Experience Integration” The exhibition area and other special exhibition areas will fully display the intelligent networked cars, domestic and international energy-saving and new energy vehicles, key components and upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, as well as cutting-edge technology and latest achievements in related industries.

The exhibition covers seven major fields, including the automobile industry, the intelligent transportation industry, Internet industry, communication industry, microelectronics industry, artificial intelligence industry, and new energy industry. Exhibitors include mainstream auto and key component companies at home and abroad, new energy, intelligent network connected vehicles “new forces”, battery, motor, electronic control, and other key components enterprises, as well as charging facilities and upstream and downstream related suppliers in the industrial chain. In addition, the exhibition invites international and domestic Internet mainstream enterprises, communication companies and related institutions, enterprises and institutions in the field of intelligent transportation, and microelectronics and new energy-related enterprises and institutions to participate.

Chinese and foreign companies exhibit high enthusiasm, highlights, starting models, black technology concentrated appearance

IEEVChina 2018 exhibition opened in Beijing

Continuing the enthusiasm of the first five exhibitions, this year’s auto companies, parts suppliers and upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain were enthusiastic, and the registration was very enthusiastic. There were more than 180 exhibitors and more than 120 exhibitors. In terms of vehicle, FAW Group, Dongfeng Group, SAIC, Changan Group, BAIC Group, BYD Auto, Geely Automobile, Jianghuai Automobile, Chery Automobile, Great Wall Oula, Zotye Automobile, FAW-Volkswagen, FAW Toyota, BMW Brilliance, Beijing Hyundai, SAIC-GM, GAC New Energy, Guangqi Honda, and Han Teng Auto, and other domestic and foreign mainstream passenger car and commercial vehicle companies, brought new cutting-edge technology and energy-saving and new energy, intelligent networked cars to the show. The Great Wall Huaguan (prospective car), Weimar Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, Lichi Automobile, and other new power companies made a collective appearance. This year, the scale of exhibitors and display specifications of various vehicle manufacturers have improved and plans to hold several on-site launch events.

According to the information disclosed by some enterprises and exhibition organizing committees, this exhibition will be launched or officially listed on the Hongqi Red Flag Automobile Concept Car, Hongqi New EV, Hongqi H7 PHEV, Beiqi ES5, Yidong EV460, and several concept cars. .

In terms of spare parts and supporting facilities, Schaeffler, CITIC Guoan Mengli, CRRC Times, Dasling, Lannuo New Energy, BAK Battery, Snowman, Hydrogen Chuangneng, Mingwei Electronics, Zhongziheng Li, Xi’e Electric, Jinli Permanent Magnet, Xinyuan Power, Tianjin Songzheng, Ideal Motor, Xinwangda, Yima Pioneer, China Metallurgical South, Zhongke Anda, Longli Electronics, Ledan Technology, and other mainstream power batteries, motors, Electronic control and material suppliers, as well as charging facilities companies with the latest technology and products to participate in the exhibition, the industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises actively participate.

More prominently, since this conference is the first time in China to define a car exhibition under the name of the intelligent network, China Mobile, China Unicom, Inspur Group, Tucson Future, Euler Cars, Sunshine Travel, China Travel, etc. Well-known enterprises in IT, communications, Internet of Vehicles, data services, smart transportation, and other related industries are actively participating, presenting a thriving scene of integration and cooperation between related car companies and intelligent network, smart travel, IT communications and other industries and enterprises.

Added autopilot demo experience zone, driving without a steering wheel

The Autopilot Demonstration Zone is a new exhibition area for this year’s show. Relevant manufacturers have signed up for the event, and now they have signed up with FAW, Baidu, Changan, and Beiqi.

For example, the red flag H7 PHEV, Baidu Apolon, Changan Yidong EV460, Beiqi Off-road BJ80C and other four models of auto-driving demonstration car. Several demonstration cars basically have obstacle recognition, adaptive cruise, emergency braking, pedestrian collision avoidance, lane keeping, lane change assist, and self-tuning. They generally integrate smart sensors, networked short-range communication, and big data. The core technology of automatic driving intelligent network such as cloud platform can realize team-based driving. Some vehicles can realize remote automatic pick-up and return. Vehicles with L4 level intelligent driving will automatically drive on the road with standardized traffic signs. The system can handle any abnormal situation and people cannot take over the vehicle at all. When passing the traffic light, you can get the status of the traffic light remotely to decide the best way for the car to pass the traffic light, shift speed or stop waiting.

This year’s Autopilot Demonstration Zone is expected to be a new highlight of the show, attracting the attention and participation of the industry, the community, and many visitors.

Pioneering and innovating to build the strongest brand of Beijing industrial exhibitions and high-end exhibitions

As an important science and technology innovation center in China, in December 2017, Beijing issued the guidance of the top ten high-tech industry development, and officially adopted the new energy intelligent network as the development direction of the Beijing automobile industry. To this end, this year’s exhibition specially set up the “Beijing Intelligent Network Linked Automobile and Related Industry Display Zone”, Shunyi District as the important intelligent network connected automobile industry carrying area in Beijing, as a key point for display and promotion.

The organizers of the exhibition constantly explore and innovate, and strive to build the exhibition into a world-class, China’s first international new energy and intelligent network automotive professional exhibition, to build the world’s most advanced technology exhibitions, exchanges and cooperation of the highest quality platform, Create the strongest brand in Beijing industrial exhibitions and high-end exhibitions.

The companies participating in the Beijing Intelligent Network Auto Show Zone include Baidu, Jinghuan Equipment, Didi Chuxing, Xiaoma Zhixing, Zhanshi Technology, Zhixing, Meituan Review, Jingdong, Wopu Chuangwei, Horizon, Space Star. Map, Wei Tuokesi, North Wake Laser Radar, New Shoreline, Shenjian Technology, Siwei Tuxin, Datang Telecom, Saidi Research Institute, Beijing Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, Shungan Technology, Zhidao Network Technology, Qianfang Intelligent network-connected automobile-related enterprises and institutions such as Science and Technology, Chelian World, Huali Chuangtong, Leike Defense, Huada Beidou, etc., showcased the various technologies and achievements of Beijing Intelligent Network’s automobile industry chain and related industries.

Entertaining and entertaining, the rich concurrent activities invite citizens and young people to participate

The exhibition held a series of funeral and colorful activities in the same period. 2018 (6th) “Exclusive Experience” – The test drive series activities have added fun and audience participation on the basis of the past, and strive to provide a full-scale three-dimensional test drive for those who participated in the event. Experience.

The 4th “Sharing the Blue Sky” – a variety of activities such as the enjoyment of the Golden Autumn Car Festival, the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly car baby carnival, the National University Automotive Technology and Culture Festival, the People·Car·Leixiang Photo Contest, and the popularization of education and entertainment Scientific knowledge will further stimulate the distance between the general public and the cutting-edge technology of the automobile, so that the public can further understand the application of artificial intelligence in automobile products and accelerate the promotion of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles. Here, the organizers of the conference also kindly invite the general public, college students, and young friends to actively participate in the interactive experience activities of the exhibition.

The number of international guests, professional and general audience is expected to increase significantly

As the largest professional network of intelligent network and new energy vehicles in Asia, especially the foundation and achievements of the previous five exhibitions, the international and domestic influence of the exhibition is gradually improving, which not only attracts many domestic governments, enterprises and institutions. Visitors from the industry, college students, young people, ordinary citizens, and families have also been widely concerned by domestic and foreign industry professionals and the news media. There have been many group visits, and the proportion of international audiences has continued to increase. The number of media interviews and professional visitors has been grown rapidly.

From the pre-registration and current statistics, the total number of international guests and audiences is expected to grow by more than 30%. In this respect, the organizers have always attached great importance to the organization of the audience, and constantly increased investment in the invitation of professional visitors and the recruitment of ordinary audiences. The ideas are constantly innovating and changing, and a lot of meticulous and targeted work is done. It also reflects that the market acceptance of intelligent network and new energy vehicles is gradually increasing, and it is receiving more and more attention from all walks of life.

Media promotion and promotion is an important booster for the growth of exhibitions and exhibitors. The conference invites a strong media team to help the conference, not only for the entire conference but also for the exhibitors to conduct comprehensive, multi-level and multi-angle in-depth reports.

Re-installation, for the development of intelligent network and new energy vehicles under the new situation

The organizer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, the co-organizer and the executive unit of the exhibition, China Steam Industry Corporation, strive to make the conference the largest, highest-ranking, highest-influenced and most influential in the global intelligent networked automotive field. The exhibition and exhibition, as well as the industry trend and application summit, have become an important international communication platform and development vane for the new thinking, new models, new technologies, new products and new formats of the travel industry, as well as the international network platform of intelligent networked communication between China and the world. . The grand gathering of the core power of the global intelligent network will play an important role in the development of China’s intelligent network.

Cars are constantly evolving due to technological developments. At present, all countries in the world regard new energy and intelligent networked vehicles as the most important innovation carriers in industrial transformation and upgrading. The two promote each other and have become the focus of competition among science and technology industries in various countries. On the basis of this background and the success of the five exhibitions, the conference has been upgraded and re-installed. It can be said that all parties are gathering together and it is timely.

After five years of baptism and enthusiasm, the organizers and exhibition organizers have not forgotten their initial intentions, and persist in cooperating with exhibitors and the community in open cooperation to achieve a win-win situation! The conference and exhibition organizers are looking forward to meeting with colleagues in the industry and all walks of life in the autumn of October to gather together for the new era, new ideas, new forms of new energy and intelligent network automation industry development and planning layout!

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