Steamed Duck Pancake

If you visit a Peking duck store in Beijing or other cities, you may find the peking duck is normally served with steamed thin wrappers. Comparing with the pan-fried duck pancake, this one is softer and thinner. And I am going to show the last and the most reason, this version is much quicker and easier.  You cannot image how simple this is.

In addition, this one is easier to store and re-heat. I believe you will love this as long as tried once. Those thin wrappers can also be used as spring roll wrappers. Comparing with my simplified spring roll wrapper , this one is much softer and less chewy.  And it is a smart idea to deal with your left over dumpling wrappers. Steamed duck pancake|

Cook’s Note

  1. Homemade dumplings are better than store-bought dumpling wrappers as they are softer and easier to roll out. But store-bought dumpling wrappers can work well too.
  2. Do not brush too much oil during the layering process, otherwise it will be quite difficult to roll out.
  3. Tips for rolling out, press the dumpling wrappers downward for 2 to 3 times on both side and make sure they are well sticked before rolling out. Otherwise, the wrapper slide with the help of the oil.
  4. After steaming, the wrapper should be teared and separated when they are still warm.

Steamed duck pancake|


  • 20 dumpling wrappers
  • 3 tbsp. sesame oil or other vegetable oil


Prepare your dumpling wrapper and your tools. You need oil, dumpling wrappers and a brush. Homemade dumpling wrapper is much better for this recipe but store-bought ones work fine too. I use store bought ones this time.

Steamed duck pancake|

Take one wrapper and brush a thin layer of some oil on top. Add another one and brush oil again. Repeat the process until 19 wrappers are well layered. Place the last one on top.

Steamed duck pancake|

Steamed duck pancake|

Slightly press with your hand.  Use your rolling pin to press the wrappers downward for 2-3 times. Turn over and press again. Then roll out to larger wrappers around  12-15 cm in diameter.

Steamed duck pancake|

Place the wrappers in a steamer.Steam for 20 minutes and tear off when they are still warm.Steamed duck pancake|chinasichuanfood.comSteamed duck pancake|

Fold over and steamed directly. Or package in air-tight bag and freeze for later use.

Steamed duck pancake|

It is very thin and lovely.

Steamed duck pancake|

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 Serve with

  1. Moo shu pork
  2. Peking style shredded pork
  3. Peking sauce
  4. tofu and bok choy soup

Steamed duck pancake

Super easy paper thin spring pancake made from dumpling wrappers


  • 20
    dumpling wrappers
    store bought or home made ones.
  • 2
    sesame oil or other vegetable oil


  1. Layer one wrapper and brush some oil on top. Add another one and brush oil again. Repeat the process until all of the wrappers are well layered.
  2. Press the edges and make sure they are well pressed. Use your rolling pin to press the wrappers 2 to 2 times on one side. And then turn over the press the wrapper again on the other side.
  3. Roll out with a rolling pin until 12 to 15 cm in diameter. During the process, turn over from time to time.
  4. Place the wrappers in a steamer. Steam for 20 minutes and tear off when they are still warm.
  5. Serve directly or freeze in air-tight bag for latter use.

Steamed duck pancake|

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