“Window of The World” – awesome miniature Theme Park

"Window of The World" - awesome miniature Theme Park


The “Window of the World” (Chinese: 世界之窗; pinyin: Shìjiè zhī Chuāng) is an amazing replica theme park located in the western part of the city of Shenzhen in China. Created in 1994, the park has become a famous destination in itself.

It has approximately 150 reproductions of some of the most famous tourist attractions in the world squeezed into 480,000-square-meter (118 acres).

Here you can see vivid replicas of the world’s wonders, historical heritage, and famous scenic sites. The entire masterpiece is built at ratios of 1:1, 1:5 or 1:15.

The huge miniature(!) of Eiffel tower, 108 meters (354 feet), dominates the horizon, and the view of the pyramids and the Taj Mahal, all close together, are part of the attraction of this theme park.

Within one visit, you can see many miniatures of famous sites from different countries.

Europe region


The Eiffel Tower (1), Arc de Triomphe (1), Louvre Pyramid, Notre Dame cathedral and the fountains of the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris

The Palace of Versailles near the town of Versailles, Île-de-France

The abbey of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy

The Pont du Gard aqueduct of Vers-Pont-du-Gard, Languedoc-Roussillon


The Cologne cathedral of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia


The Acropolis of Athens


The Colosseum (4), Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps of Rome

The Leaning Tower and nearby cathedral of Pisa, Tuscany

The Piazza della Signoria of Florence, Tuscany

Canals and Piazza San Marco of Venice

The Matterhorn mountain, divided between the Aosta Valley region and the Valais canton of Switzerland


A typical landscape of Holland, with windmills and tulips


The wall and clock towers of the Moscow Kremlin and Saint Basil’s Cathedral of Moscow

Winter Palace of Saint Petersburg


The Court of the Lions of the Alhambra complex, in Granada, Andalusia

The Park Güell, in Barcelona, Catalonia


The Matterhorn mountain (see Italy section)

United Kingdom

The Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge of London (3), England

Stonehenge, near Salisbury, England

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Asia region

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Thailand

Gyeongbok Palace, South Korea

Itsukushima Shrine, Japan

Shirasagi Castle in Himeji, Japan

Modhera Sun Temple, India

Borobudur, Indonesia

The Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The Taj Mahal, India

Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar (Burma)

The Tower of Kuwait

Merlion, Singapore

Kek Lok Si, Malaysia

Mount Fuji, Japan

Swoyambhunath, Nepal

One Pillar Pagoda, Vietnam

Oceania region

The Dwelling-Houses of the Māori inhabitants, New Zealand

The Sydney Opera House, Australia

The 100-Metre High Fountain

Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Australia

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Africa region

Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

The Great Temple of Abu Simbel, Egypt

The Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt

The Dwelling-Houses of African inhabitants

The Ivory Gate, Kenya

The Africa Safari Park, Kenya

Americas region

United States


Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The White House

Skyscrapers of New York City (2)

The Statue of Liberty

The United States Capitol

Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial Hall


Mount Corcovado, Brazil

The Houses of Parliament of Brasilia, Brazil

The Totem-Poles of North American Indians

The Statues of Warriors, Mexico

The Globose, Mexico

The Statues of Easter Island, Chile

Linear Drawings at Nasca, Peru

Other regions

Asia-style Street

Islamic Street

Church of Europe-Style Street

Johann Strauss Music Square, Austria

The Square of the Atmosphere

Garden of World Sculptures

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Memorable Experience in the “Window of the World” park during Festivals

If you plan to visit the park during some international festivals you will have an interesting experience. Each year the park holds the Cherry Festival and the Indian Cultural Week. During the Cherry Festival, wandering in the Japanese cherry garden and taking a cup of tea will revive you. The “Window of the World” runs many programs during holiday periods as well. In the summer holiday, the International Beer Festival is a big tourist attraction. Probably, the Pop Music Festival is the favorite of young people. This is held on Chinese National Day. In December, Santa Claus welcomes New Year’s Eve. After that, the World Dance and Singing Gala take place during the Chinese New Year. Participating in the entertainment activities complements your travel plan.

Special Adventurous Trips to “Window of the World”

There are a number of adventure trips to choose from. For example, test your courage by navigating the Colorado River at Grand Canyon. In the field of archery, tourists can follow the ways of North American Indians and learn to hunt prey in the lush forest. Even more exciting is to cross the primitive tropical forest in a cable car. Lastly, we must mention the huge indoor ski run -yes it is strange for a subtropical area. Get your ski equipment and play in the four thousand square meters ski run (about 6,200,012 square feet) of “Window of the World”.

How to get to Window of the World

  1. Take Line 1 (Luobao Line) or Line 2, get off at Shijie Zhichuang (Window of the World) station and get out from Exit J.
  2. Take bus 21, 26, 32, 42, 43, 66, 70, 79, 90, 101, 113, 123, 204, 209, 222, 223, 234, 323, 324, 327, 338, 365, 369, 373, 383, 392, 395, B795, K578, M222, M372, M388, M398, M413, M425, M433, M435, M448, M486, M487, M488, M535, N4, N6, N24, PJ17, Peak Express Line 93, Tour Line 1, or Tour Line 4 to Shijie Zhichuang.

How to get to Window of the World from Shenzhen Railway Station

Take bus no.101 or subway line 1 to reach there; If you take a cab from the railway station, the estimated taxi fare is 50RMB.

How to get to Window of the World from the Bao’an Airport

Take Subway line 11 to Qianhaiwan to transfer to line 1; If you take a cab from the airport, the estimated taxi fare is 70RMB.

Window of the world Gallery


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“Window of The World” – awesome miniature Theme Park

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