Chi Lin the Chinese Unicorn of Feng Shui

Chi Lin

Chi Lin, or Qilin (麒麟), or Kirin in Japanse, is a mythical animal shaped like a Chinese Dragon with one, or sometimes two, antlers with similarities to the Western Unicorn. Hence, the Chi Lin is also often translated as Chinese Unicorn.

The Chi Lin is also a famous creature in Chinese Feng Shui, believed to symbolize wisdom, fortune, prosperity, and long life.

Chi Lin is not only famous in China but also in various other Asian cultures with slight variations but typically it always features the head of a dragon with one or two horns (antlers), the body of a deer/horse, the tail of an ox, and scales of a carp fish, making the Chi Lin a chimeral creature (a mixture from two or more different animals).

The Chi Lin embodies all of the five Feng Shui elements (earth, wood, water, metal, and fire). However, it is most commonly associated with fire, so it is often depicted with fiery flames surrounding the body.

The Origin of Chi Lin

The earliest references to the Chi Lin are in Zuo Zhuan, an ancient Chinese narrative history from the 5th century BC. The name itself is a combination of the two characters Chi or Qi (male) and Lin (female), and Chi Lin is the designation of the whole species. The female Lin is often depicted as not having any horns/antlers.

The first Chi Lin is believed to have appeared in the garden of the legendary Yellow Emperor in 2697 BC. In its earliest description, the Chi Lin is depicted as having a peaceful and benevolent nature, and it is said that it won’t cause any harm even to insects and when stepping on grasses, it won’t crush them.

According to the myth, Chi Lin appeared to the pregnant mother of the sage Confucius around the 6th century BC. The Chi Lin coughed up an inscribed jade tablet, foretelling the future greatness of the unborn Confucius. It is also believed that the death of Confucius was foreshadowed when a Chi Lin was injured by a charioteer.

However, over time the Chi Lin was depicted to have a stronger and more aggressive appearance compared to its older benevolent depiction. The Chi Lin was mentioned in connection with some important events in ancient China history. According to legends, for example, written language appeared in China together with an appearance of the Chi Lin around five thousand years ago to a Chinese emperor.

The Chinese emperor was said to be sitting on the shore near the famous Yellow River when he saw the Chi Lin. The water of the river instantly turned crystal clear green, and the Chi Lin stomped on a rock three times. When the Chi Lin turned to leave, the emperor saw magic signs on its back and copied them as the first Chinese characters.

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Chi Lin in Feng Shui

The Chi Lin is believed to be the lord of all creatures with hair and is widely regarded in Buddhism to carry the civilizing Book of Law on its back.

In Feng Shui. the Chi Lin is a symbol of celebration, long life, wisdom, celebration, career luck, fame, perseverance, fertility, and good health. As a Feng Shui cure, a Chi Lin charm is also said to prevent its owner from being cheated and betrayed in business and relationships.

The Chi Lin is often used as a Feng Shui cure to help facilitate the success of children, as well as to help with the owner’s fertility.

Thus, the main function of a Chi Lin talisman in Feng Shui is to eliminate negative energy, prevent the owner from having bad luck, and attract wealth.

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Where To Place Chi Lin

As Wealth Enhancer

When using Chi Lin charms to boost wealth and career fortune, it’s best to use a pair of male and female Chi Lin together. There are many Chi Lin statues that are sold in pairs, and the male should have a globe ball (symbolizing the Earth) under the feet.

The male should be positioned on the right. The female, on the other hand, should have either a cub or gold ingot under its foot and should be positioned on the left.

Place it in your wealth area facing outwards, symbolizing the pair of Chi Lin roaming outside to find wealth.

Front Entrance for Protection

Position a pair at the front door of your house/workplace, one at each side of the door. They can be placed on the floor or raised to a higher level, and it’s best to place them facing directly towards the stair, lift, or escalator (symbolizing climbing/rising up). This is believed to protect the owner from any negative energies, as well as blocking out harmful people and events.

Chi Lin the Chinese Unicorn

Three Killings Cure

Three Killings is one of the annual bad luck afflictions in the Feng Shui school of Flying Stars. You can place three Chi Lin statues as a cure to mitigate the Three Killings at the afflicted sectors to minimize the bad luck. There are Chi Lin talismans that come in the form of wind chime so you can hang it at the three affected sectors.

The Bedroom for Fertility and Harmony

A Chi Lin placed in the master bedroom is believed to help with fertility and familial harmony, but is also believed to help its owner in creating offsprings’ of other kinds like financial prosperity, new projects, new sales, and so on.

Worn as Amulets

You can wear Chi Lin amulets, charms, or embroidery to help block negative energy and dissolve difficult situations and people. This practice is believed to protect its owner from gossip and betrayals. The Chi Lin can also help the owner’s health and prosperity.

Desk or Workspace

To aid with career success and financial fortune, you can place the Chi Lin on the working desk. For students, placing a Chi Lin on their desk can also help in achieving success in their studies. You can also add some Chinese fortune coins besides the Chi Lin to attract more wealth and abundance.

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