Feng Shui Rules and Tips for Your Front Door and its Surroundings

Feng Shui Rules for Your Front Door

The feng shui of the main entry door is one of the most important parts of feng shui. This is the point at which chi enters your home. The front door symbolizes the heart of the home since it is via this entrance that good or evil chi enters.

The goal of feng shui is to invite good chi into your home and let it move slowly and steadily through the space, making it feel good for everyone who uses it and lives there.

The term “front door” refers to the home’s official front door. It is also known as the “mouth of chi” or the portal of energy. There may be secondary doors in some homes that are used every day. This is OK; nonetheless, the mouth of chi serves as your official front entrance.

If you never use it, you’re wasting energy and missing out on possibilities. As a result, it is critical to activate your front door on a frequent basis. To do this, you just have to open it and walk through it at least once every nine days. Every day is preferable. Make it a habit to always walk via the front door while going to the mailbox, for example.

The size, shape, and location of your front door all affect the quality of chi that comes into your home. This affects your success and the good energy you bring into your heart and space.

Let’s start with the fundamentals and all of the key points that you must know and implement.

What Material Is Best for the Main Door?

Finding the correct balance is really the entire point. The use of solid doors over glass doors is preferable. These front entry doors should be constructed of wood or another tough, long-lasting natural material. It should never be totally made of glass, since this reflects the fragility and value of the family and provides no protection from external causes.

Always keep in mind that feng shui is all about symbolism and how it impacts your energy and mental condition.

As though by default, wood is usually the main material utilized by homeowners for the main door. This is mostly due to the fact that houses were generally built with wood and bricks in ancient times. This tradition stuck around for some reason, and many feng shui teachers would only accept a door made of solid wood.

But times have changed. The design and architecture of a home are infinitely more flexible today than they were a few decades ago. As a result, a wooden door may appear out of place on the exterior of a specific property.

Furthermore, many homeowners do not have the option of locating their front door wherever they desire. When confronted with negative energy entering via the main door, the most they can do is create an elemental barrier against “sha chi”. As a result, installing a metal front door is becoming increasingly common.

What Material Is Best for the Main Door
Image from Pixabay

What Is the Best Size for the Main Door?

It’s not referred to as the “Main Door” for nothing. It should be obvious that it is larger than room doors, side doors, rear doors, and so on. If there is even the slightest doubt about whether the front door is the biggest one in the house, that is already a bad sign.

It isn’t named the “main” door for nothing. It should be obvious that it is larger than room doors, side doors, rear doors, and so on. If there is even the slightest uncertainty about whether the main door is the largest in the house, it is a terrible indicator.

A decent feng shui front door is neither too large nor too small.

A good feng shui front door should be high enough for the tallest member of the home to go through with ease. According to ancient literature, a large entryway would bring grandeur into the family.

On the other hand, you should ensure that the front door is not overly large. This will result in the family’s good fortune slipping away. If you have double doors, only use one side as your main entry and exit.

There should also be sufficient space between the entrance and the ceiling. A home with a low ceiling, with the top of the door touching the ceiling, puts pressure on the chi that goes through the entrance and does not bode well for the fortune of the family. 

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The Opening of the Front Door

1. A front door should open inwards rather than outwards. A front door that opens inwards welcomes or draws in chi-energy rather than pushing it away. Change the hinge position if the door opens outwards. The feng shui of the entire house might be harmed if the entrance door opens outwards.

2. Another area that is frequently overlooked is the hardware on the front door. Whenever you have time, open your front door from both inside and outside. Do you have any issues when attempting to open the door, such as the door or lock sticking? Do the hinges creak as though they require lubrication? Perhaps the hardware should be polished?

3. A decent front door opens into a broad space rather than a small one. Does your front door open entirely and easily, or is it obstructed by items stored behind it?

Dustbins, cracked old pots, and dying plants do not attract wealth-chi. In fact, it will damage the entire house’s feng shui. Your energy will be stagnant if your front door does not fully open, and opportunities will not “open” for you. Remove any clutter from behind your front door and watch as new opportunities emerge.

4. Does your front door lead to a small foyer? If this is the case, it most likely has a wall opposite the front entrance that prevents energy transfer.

When the interior entryway area is too small, place a bright light over the entrance. Every day, leave the light on for at least three hours. You may use a mirror to visually extend the entryway area, but make sure it is not immediately facing the door. It’s a beautiful way to meet the energy by placing a spectacular and eye-catching mirror at the entryway.

But don’t put a mirror directly across from your front door, or the good energy of wealth will be pushed out of your home. The front door is the gateway to prosperity, make it appear as such.

Feng Shui Front Door Color

Even though there are many clues about what the best feng shui front door color is, the best front door color is the one that goes with the cardinal directions. To determine the direction of your front door, stand in front of it, looking out, and use a compass to determine the direction the house is facing.

For example, if your house faces south, the ideal color to choose is red (as you can see from this colored table). The chart below will assist you in making decisions based on the direction that your home faces.

Feng Shui Front Door Color Chart
Feng Shui Front Door Color Chart

Furthermore, bear in mind that if the color of the feng shui front door does not capture your attention or claim your head, it should be discarded.

The primary goal of door’s color is to improve feng shui and appeal to your guests. When it comes to painting your front door for feng shui, don’t forget to consider your own preferences as well as the basics.

Front Door Surroundings


The entry door should have a roof for protection. Consider that the main door is the most used and abused element of the house. On top of that, it has to fight the wind and weather all the time.

Even if it’s merely a symbolic gesture, the very least you can do is contribute to alleviating its workload.

Putting a roof over the front door makes it safer for energy to get into the house. Additionally, it works as a barrier against poison arrows (sha chi) that are directed at it.

By default, apartment units have a covered space (the ceiling). So it’s not a problem. But for landed houses, if the builder didn’t put up a protective roof in the first place, you might consider putting up a canopy instead.

Stairs and steps to the door

Many houses feature main entrances that lead to exterior steps or stairs. In such designs, there must be a flat open space in front of the entrance before the first steps of the staircase begin.

This needed space should be at least as big as the length of the door squared. For example, if the length of the door is 36 inches, the space on the floor in front of the front door should be at least 36 inches by 36 inches. Furthermore, a welcome mat should be placed outside the door.

Lighting in the Area Around Your Front Door

Another thing you can do to improve the feng shui of your front entrance is to ensure that it is adequately lit.

Lighting is critical in this region because it introduces the fire element, which represents recognition and how you are perceived in the world. We want to see and be seen in the same way as the sun does: with clarity and brightness.

Front doors that are well-lit can attract positive chi energy into a home. Remove and replace any damaged or burned-out lights. Inspect and fix any broken or malfunctioning exterior lighting fixtures as soon as possible.

It is not required to put the light fixtures on the highest setting. It’s more about the ability to see clearly and brightly.

The Path to Your Front Door - feng shui tips
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The Path to Your Front Door

Don’t forget about the path leading to your front entrance. Take a few minutes and stroll all the way out your front door to the street. Imagine that a friend is coming to your house for the first time.

Walk the path your buddy would take from the street to your front door to see what they would see.

Is there a clear path to the front door, and can you see the number of the house or apartment? Is the front entrance hidden, or are there any barriers in the way? Does your doorbell work, and is it simple to find and use? Is there any ambiguity? Is your friend likely to get lost?

If your buddy can’t locate your front door, positive energy, prosperity, and opportunity will have a difficult time finding you. Do everything you can to clear a path to the front door so that all the abundant chi can flow to you.

If you live in an apartment and must go through dark hallways to get to your front door, make sure there is a visible passage between the entry to the building and your front door.

Plant a few plants along the corridor leading to your front entrance if possible. If you can’t do that, you could put one or two outside your front door so that you feel better when you see your home.

Your front door should ideally face the street, allowing energy and opportunity to flow freely from the street to your door.If you don’t have that option and your front entrance is hidden on the side of your house, you can always line the path with lights, plants, or attractive flags. Your purpose is to guide the energy to your “hidden front door.” 

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Feng Shui Recommendations to Improve Your Front Door

Your front entrance should be clean and well-maintained. It ought to be as tidy and well-maintained as the rest of your home. Then, decluttering is an important aspect of the feng shui process that should not be overlooked.

Keep dustbins, broken chairs, and stools away from the main door.

The main door of the house should always have a threshold (marble or wood), since it is said to absorb bad energy and enable only positive energy to flow through.

Install the doorbell at a height of five feet or higher. Avoid doorbells with jarring, brassy, or high tones. To boost the positive energy in the home, choose a doorbell with a calming and mild tone.

Fu dogs, facing outwards, can also be placed on both sides of your entryway. In Chinese culture, fu dogs represent security.

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Front Door Plants for Feng Shui

Plants placed at the front door serve to slow down chi before it enters a home. Since fast-moving energy can sometimes be bad for the health of the home, this is often seen as a good feng shui placement.

Beautiful plants and greenery also make your front door appear cozier and more inviting. It also draws attention to your entryway. Furthermore, plants contain natural wood energy. If the area in front of the front door needs wood, this could be a good boost.

Big plants

If you’re looking for a way to add some natural wood energy to your front entrance area, big plants are the way to go.

When it comes to plant size, the three most important elements to consider are the height, the volume of foliage, and the girth of the main stem. It is difficult to define what size defines a large plant. Most individuals, however, should be able to determine what is large and what is small for themselves.

Here are a few of the top front door good luck large plants

  • Money tree
  • Areca palm
  • Lime tree
  • Iron tree

Small plants

It was previously stated that large plants might provide substantial wood energy. Small plants will not have a major influence on their own. They make their presence known in large numbers.

So, if you want to bring out the wood element in the space, you need some small plants to make a difference. Like these:

Main Door Lucky Symbols and Charms

One way to improve the flow of chi in the house is to put lucky symbols and charms at the front door to invite good fortune.

Whether you believe in superstitions or not, you can hang one or two lucky charms on your front door to bring good luck and make it look nice.

Feng Shui Recommendations to Improve Your Front Door
Image by RealMenShootRAW from Pixabay

Wind Chime. Wind chimes can be used as a good luck charm. Wind chimes are thought to improve the chi in your home. Furthermore, the sound it generates draws fresh energy and vibration. Wind chimes produce a pleasant sound in the ears. Pick a design you like and put it on the front door.

A horseshoe is another common good luck charm that people hang on their front doors. Hanging the horseshoe with the open end facing upward is supposed to bring good luck to everyone within the residence. If, on the other hand, the horseshoe is hung with the open end facing downward, it is thought to bring good luck to anybody who passes beneath it.

White Lights. According to feng shui, white lights might attract opportunities and bring good luck into your home. This is more than just a decoration for the holidays. For good luck, outline the front entrance with a string of white lights.

Dutch Hex Signs. This is another good luck charm that you may hang on your door. The Dutch colonizers introduced the Dutch hex symbol. They are created with beautiful colors and patterns. Even though it’s called a “hex sign,” it’s not meant to bring bad luck when it’s hung on the outside or inside of the front door.

Instead, people think that the sign protects and brings wealth to the home. The signs are available in a range of motifs, including bird, star, flower, and heart designs.

Main Door Lucky Symbols and Charms
Hex sign in the form of a 12 pointed compass rose. Wikimedia Commons (CC0)

Is Your Main Door Hit by a Poison Arrow? 

Sha Chi, also called “poison arrows” in feng shui, is an attack that comes from sharp angles that are pointed at your front door. Poison arrows can make your home’s energy weaker and hurt your family’s health, peace, and well-being. As a result, overcoming all of the poison arrows is critical!

There are several structures that might cause damage to the main entrance. To see if your front door has any poison arrows, stand in front of it and look out. Check that the following features are not present:

  • Neighbor’s triangular roofline
  • Building, or corner facing front door
  • Telephone or utility poles
  • Building taller than home
  • House Near or under an overpass.
  • House across from Y-junction
  • House on the curve of the road.
  • Cemetery, hospitals or garbage dumps.

Keep in mind that the features within the home may cause harm to your front door. Stand at the front door and look inside the house to see if you have any of these things. Check that the following features are not present:

It is also regarded as exceedingly unfavorable if the front door faces,

  • Three doors in a row;
  • Alengthy corridor;
  • Kitchen counters with sharp edges

How to Get Rid of the Poison Arrow

To stop the poison arrow, we will use the destructive or exhausting cycle of the five elements. You must use a compass to determine which direction the poison arrow is coming from. Here are some Feng Shui strategies for dealing with poison arrows at your front entrance.

If the poison arrow is coming from the south, employ the water or earth element to counteract its bad impact. You could, for instance, show off a fountain or a crystal.

If the poison arrow is coming from the north, employ the earth or wood elements to neutralize its negative energy. You might, for example, show a crystal or a plant.

To defeat a poison arrow that is coming from the East or Southeast, employ the metal or fire element. Hanging a wind chime and using additional light would be quite useful.

Use the strength of the fire or water element if the poison arrow is coming from the west or northwest. It would be a good idea to put up bright lights or a fountain here.

Use the wood or metal element if the poison arrow is coming from the Southwest or Northeast. You might, for example, put a plant or a wind chime here.

Poison Arrow Direction Elements Remedy
South Water – Earth Fountain or Crystal
North Earth – Wood Crystal or Plant
East or Southeast Metal – Fire Wind chime or Light
West or Northwest Fire – Water Light or Fountain
Southwest or Northeast Wood – Metal Plant or Wind chime


You have come to the conclusion of this post, in which we discussed what constitutes excellent feng shui for the front entrance.

We’ve discussed ways to ensure that your front entrance has good feng shui. You need to make sure that energy flows easily through your front door by clearing out anything that could get in the way.

You can also make sure good energy flows into your home by hanging lucky charms, putting out lucky plants, and painting your front door the right color. We hope that the tips we’ve provided will assist you in creating proper feng shui for your house.

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