Eight Things that Bring Luck to Your Home According to Feng Shui

Eight things that bring luck to your home according to feng shui
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In our lives, we meet many types of people daily. Many of them believe in energy, charm or even the “evil eye”. There are, of course, those who laugh every time such a conversation opens. If you belong to the first category then you will definitely want to learn about those things that bring luck to your home.

Today, then, we will talk about the feng shui which means wind and water. As the very name of this Chinese philosophy reveals, joy, harmony, health are elements indissolubly linked to the laws of nature that govern the environment in which we live. Although feng shui has not been scientifically proven, it has its own supporters in the field of home decoration.

The adaptation of the rules of feng shui in the interior design of your home will allow good fortune to flood it, adding unique effects to the atmosphere and energy of space.

Hang a horseshoe on the door

The horseshoe is one of the most popular objects that bring luck in the decoration of a home. Usually, a horseshoe hangs like a charm at the out-door during Christmas season to welcome the New Year. Even after the festive season, however, you can integrate the horseshoe into the interior design of your home to bring good luck.

Most prefer to hang the horseshoe with the ends pointing up. So it is believed to bring luck to the house. On the contrary, hanging on the door with the ends pointing down is said to give good luck to anybody passing through the doorway. 

Pay attention to the color of the front door

The entrance door is one of the most important elements of good luck according to feng shui. It is called “Qi’s mouth” precisely because of the positive energy. How else would your good luck visit your home, if not from the door? According to the rules of feng shui, you must paint the entrance door in lucky colors, depending on its orientation.

What does this mean? If the door is oriented to the North it is best to paint it in black or blue. If it “looks” in the South it is best to prefer the orange or red color. The lucky colors for “eastern” doors are brown and green, while for the western it is best to prefer lucky colors, such as white and gray.

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Eight things that bring luck to your home according to feng shui
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Fill your house with fresh flowers

The money certainly did not sprout on the trees, but some fresh flowers are believed to be able to boost the good luck and well-being of the home. Not only you will feel beautiful by the touch of nature and colorful flowers, but you will integrate into the decoration of your home very simple things that bring luck.

Choose your shiny and favorite colors and place the indoor flowers in an impressive jar in a central spot such as the living room table or the dining room. Make sure you care for them regularly because “dilapidated” flowers will have opposite effects. Also, make sure that the fresh flowers do not have thorns. These prevent the smooth flow of Qi.

Decorate the entrance with white lights

The truth is that almost all of us have combined white lights and lanterns with the Christmas decoration of the house. The lights, however, are not just for celebrations. According to the feng shui principles, the decoration of the entrance or the front porch with white lights is one of the things that bring luck in the House.

In particular, they are believed to attract new opportunities and help us to understand when they are close to us. If the internal entrance of the house or the foyer is not bright enough, you can also decorate them with white lights and lanterns.

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Decorate your bedroom with a Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher is a very beautiful ornament for the home, which is among the most popular things that bring luck. If you want to see more dreams and enjoy your sleep, a great option is to place a dreamcatcher next to your bed.

As her name betrays, the dreamcatcher “catches up” nightmares, enhancing calm and good energy in space. If you are fond of the “ethnic” style of decoration, a very good idea is to hang the dreamcatcher from the room’s luminaire. This will give you a distinct style in space.

Eight things that bring luck to your home according to feng shui
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Lining a spot with bamboo

Bamboo, besides a plant, is also one of the world-famous things that bring luck. Especially in a house designed with the feng shui rules, the addition of bamboo in the decoration will have even more positive results. One of our favorite applications is in the bathroom for lining a wall.

Immediately you will feel relaxed like being in a lovely resort on an outside island. In addition to the bathroom area, you can place it anywhere in the house to aid the good luck and the harmony of the space.

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Make sure everything is neat

A neat, organized house with a comfortable furniture layout play a catalytic role in the energy and the atmosphere of the space. Definitely, a house resembling “as if a bomb has fallen” will not bring the desired effects, regardless of how many objects that bring luck you may integrate into the decoration of your home.

Chaos and clutter reveal that the energy of a space is stagnant and prevents good fortune and money to “circulate” for the benefit of the home. That’s why it is wise before you start decorating your home to make sure that it is as clean, organized and tidy as it should.

Place a bowl of fruit in the kitchen

Citrus fruits are Chinese symbols for fertility, which are believed to enhance our welfare and sexual health. Choose your favorite fruit bowl and place it on the kitchen table or some other central point. A fruit bowl full of colors and aromas, besides tempting you to pursue a healthier diet, will help you to repel bad luck.

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