Use Your Personal Birth Element to Feng Shui Your Wardrobe for Success

Feng Shui Your Wardrobe

Feng shui applies to the way you dress as well as bringing wealth and balancing the energy in your home. To symbolize your inner chi, the elements of Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal, and Water must be present in your clothing selections.

Clothing is the most vital and personal component of the human body. Therefore, it only makes sense to apply feng shui principles to our clothes in order to create a harmonious combination and thereby boost the possibility of accomplishing our goals.

The same feng shui rules that control the outside and inside of a home can be applied to fashion choices. By matching your clothes and accessories to the element and qualities of your personal birth element, you can improve your happiness and success.

The personal birth element is derived from Chinese astrology (BaZi) and is calculated from the day, month, year, and time of birth (if available). We use this method because it is more accurate in this analysis than other methods.

Each element has its own distinct color, shape, and properties. When you wear the colors and shapes associated with a certain element, you express the qualities it has.

It’s time to make space in the wardrobe for the items we really like to wear again and again, rather than the clothes we like but never wear. Your clothing should reflect your personality. So make sure to match your aesthetic, style, taste, and personality. This is accomplished by dressing in line with your element, as determined by Feng Shui.

In this article, we will look at how to find your personal birth element and how to dress accordingly. If you feel that all this is too much for you, do not worry; there is a section on how to dress according to your intention and many feng shui fashion tips. Let’s get started!

Dressing According to Your Feng Shui Element

Each of us has a dominant element, according to Chinese astrology, also known as BaZi, which is dependent on our birth date. It is referred to as your personal birth element.

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are the five elements. These Five Elements is one of the main ideas behind feng shui. Each one represents a different energy, which is mirrored in different textures, forms, and colors. As a result, dressing in a specific way impacts both how you feel about yourself and how others see you.

Even if the five-element theory of feng shui is a sophisticated and old one, you can readily comprehend its fundamental dynamics by looking at how these elements are represented in nature and how they interact in real life.

For example, the earth generates metal, so the Metal element in feng shui is nourished by the Earth element. But trees can break the ground and extract nutrients from it. Thus, the Wood element destroys the Earth element.

Wood gives rise to Fire, so the wood element nourishes the fire element. But an axe, made of metal, can split wood. Thus, the Metal element destroys the Wood element.

So, if Earth is your personal birth element, you should avoid Wood feng shui element colors. This is due to the fact that the wood element harms the Earth element throughout the destructive cycle of the five feng shui elements.

However, it is necessary to remember that we really need all five feng shui elements in our surroundings, but in different degrees.

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Feng Shui Your Wardrobe
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Determine Your Personal Birth Element

The year of your birth determines your personal birth element. And, more particularly, your year of birth according to the lunar calendar. Every year, the Lunar New Year begins on a different day, and never on January 1st. So, for this specific purpose, make sure you know your real lunar year of birth.

In order to make it easier to find your personal birth element, instead of searching through complicated tables, you can simply put your date of birth in the form below. That’s all! Please note that the format used in this form is dd/mm/yyyy (day/month/year).

Once you’ve determined your personal Feng shui birth element, you can use this information to select the ideal colors to support, nourish, and increase your energy.

The ideal colors, materials, and patterns for you are listed below, along with those colors you should restrict or stay away from.


  • If a color is included in the “Colors to Avoid”, it does not imply you should avoid it entirely; instead, limit your exposure to it.
  • If a color does not appear in any of the columns below, it is neutral to your energy.
  • If you like the color yellow, you should know that, depending on its saturation, it can reflect two different elements: Fire and Earth.

Characteristics of Feng Shui Elements for Use in Fashion

Most people will find that they have some traits of each element, but your element is the one that most fits with your core values and instincts. Dressing in your element embodies dressing for the spirit, mind, and body. It is clothing in a way that is most appropriate for us as individuals.

Wearing your element often will bring out your natural style and skills. However, your element does not have to be worn every day. Including additional parts for certain goals and activities can be beneficial. It’s not a magical way to solve the world’s or your own issues. Feng shui fashion assists people in channeling good energy and confidence.

Water Element

Being by the sea allows you to experience the power of water. Although it may create large waves when the wind blows, the calm before the storm. As a result, the element may be both calm and aggressive. Furthermore, the water element is natural and free-flowing.

Water energy manifests itself through creativity and spirituality. Academics, artists, healers, singers, scientists, and authors are typical among water people. They are inventive, self-sufficient, sensitive, unconventional, smart, and thoughtful.

  • Best colors: Black, Dark Blue, White, Navy Blue, Burgundy, Eggplant, Dark Gray, and any blue color that makes you think of water.
  • Additional Colors: The effects of water can be further enhanced by the metal element and colors. Use metal colors such as Brass, Copper, Gold, Pewter, and Silver.
  • Colors to Avoid: Water is exhausted by the wood element and destroyed by the earth element. So avoid Earthy colors, Green, Red, Purple, Magenta, Yellow, and Brown.
  • Patterns: Abstract or Ethnic, Natural free-flowing fluid textiles, Asymmetric cuts, Curvy lines, Crescent shapes, Spirals, Paisley, Loose, Long, Wavy, Hourglass, Silhouettes with movement.
  • Fabrics: Sheer, Chiffon, Satin, Silk, Velvet, Cotton, Crepe, Polyester, Taffeta
  • Energies Corresponding to Water Element: Flow, Abundance, Wisdom, Truth, Freshness, Purity, Freedom, Renewal, Ease.
  • Suitable for: Times demand introspective, artistic, or spiritual pursuits, as well as imaginative, autonomous, sensitive, unconventional, and wise actions.


  • Wear black to express authority, depth, power, strength, or mystery.
  • Avoid wearing black if you wish to maintain parity with your teammates.
  • Excessive components and accessories, such as additional buttons, zippers, and so on, should be avoided.
Feng Shui Your Wardrobe
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Wood Element

Wood energy manifests itself in the form of initiative and renewal. People born under the Wood element have a lot of faith in themselves. They are more likely to be athletes, coaches, attorneys, brokers, salespeople, and trainers, and they are more likely to set up a business or engage in risky activities. They are ambitious, inspiring, active, athletic, health-conscious, and youthful. Their energy is both flexible and strong. Furthermore, Wood people are family-oriented, peaceful, compassionate, and patient.

  • Best colors: Greens, Brown, Tan, Beige.
  • Additional Colors: Emerald, Light Blues, Olive, and Lime.
  • Colors to Avoid: Gold, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, and White
  • Fabrics: Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool, Bamboo, Denim, Ribbed fabric.
  • Patterns: Rectangular, Columnar, Vertical, Elongated, Linear shapes, Scrolls, Curves, Floral prints and embroideries.
  • Energies Corresponding to Wood Element: New Beginnings, Health, Growth, Development, Prosperity, Vision, Vitality, Abundance, Open-Mindedness.
  • Suitable for: Working out, Energizing yourself, Learning.


  • Wood is burned by fire. Metal rips it. The color palettes of these items should not be mixed.
  • Metal-colored hardware on clothing and accessories is also not recommended for the same reason.
  • If you’re feeling anxious or uncomfortable, wear brown.
  • If you’re feeling restless, avoid green since it’s too stimulating.
Feng Shui Your Wardrobe
Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

Fire Element

Fire is ferocious, unexpected, and wild. Fame and sexuality are both manifestations of fire energy. Fire people are usually actors, hostesses, speakers, models, and dancers. They have a flare for drama, are passionate, and have a magnetic personality.

  • Best colors: Red, Orange, Bright Pinks, Purple, Oranges, Strong Yellow, and Neon.
  • Additional Colors: Green, Brown.
  • Colors to Avoid: Blue, Black, Earthy, Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze.
  • Fabrics: Satin and shiny textures, Leather, Faux fur, Suede, Silk, Wool.
  • Patterns: Pointed designs, Animal prints, Chevron, Flame, Herringbone, Inverted triangle silhouette, Angular, Low cut V-necks, Form-fitting, as well as anything else that shows your assets, such as skintight jeans, miniskirts, crop tops, and short shorts.
  • Energies Corresponding to Fire Element: Passion, Drama, Enthusiasm, Success, Romance.
  • Suitable for: Dates, parties, celebrations, social or communication-based activities


  • Red is very yang, which means it has a lot of energy, and too much of it could make it hard to sleep or make you feel anxious.
  • Metallic colors deplete your energy reserves. Consequently, you shouldn’t mix your fire fashion selections with the colors of the Metal element.
Feng Shui Your Wardrobe
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Earth Element

The Earth is caring, sturdy, and grounded. People with this aspect have a deep understanding of others, and are consistent, and patient. On the negative side, they might be too cautious, unsure, and resistant to change. Earth people are often mothers, nurses, therapists, instructors, and helpers. They are dedicated.

The Earth connects all living things. It houses all types of beings and connects the elements. In the same way, Earth in the world of fashion stands for the components that complete the clothing you wear.

  • Best colors: Brown, Yellow, Terracotta, Dandelion, Beige, Cream, Mocha, and Coffee.
  • Additional Colors: Gold, Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Russet and White
  • Colors to Avoid: Green, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Pewter
  • Fabrics: Tweed, Flannel, Textured Woven fabric, Velvet, Linen, Chenille fabric, Bouclé, Cable knit, Corduroy, Ceramic buttons, and jewelry.
  • Patterns: Checks, Plaids, Square or Boxy Shapes and Woven or Nubby textures.
  • Energies Corresponding to Earth Element: Nourishment, Care, Growth, Grounding, Stability, Protection, Trust, Reliability, Loyalty.
  • Suitable for: When you wish to feel grounded or participate in community or family-based activities.


  • Yellow can make you feel tired, so you shouldn’t wear it when you’re already tired.
  • Your preferred power colors are earth tones like yellow and brown.
  • White is yet another color that might help you take brave actions.
Feng Shui Your Wardrobe
Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

Metal Element

Metal is precious to people. Metal energy manifests itself through organization and beauty. People who fall under the Metal element tend to be concentrated, well-organized, refined, upbeat, elegant, and sophisticated. Metal people are typically analyzers, curators, editors, statesmen, and organizers. They are very skilled at articulating their thoughts.

  • Best colors: White, Ivory, Light Gray, Pastel, Silver, Gold, Pewter, Copper, Bronze, and Jewel Tones.
  • Additional Colors: Brown, Yellow
  • Colors to Avoid: Red, Purple, Pink, Orange.
  • Fabrics: Cotton, Silk, Lace, Leather, Satin, Wool, Glittery, and Shiny.
  • Patterns: Polka Dots, Round Shapes, Elongated, Scrolls, Hourglass, Draped, Curved, Perfectly Fitted Garments in a Semi-Fitted Style.
  • Energies Corresponding to Metal Element: Clarity, Freshness, Ease, Planning, Productivity, Discipline, Efficiency, Lightness, Calm.
  • Suitable for: Comfortable clothes for the home office, tests, and culture trips.


  • A clean “Metal” outfit helps you stand out and gives the impression that you are in charge.
  • Avoid it if you want to feel friendly or emotionally connected.
  • To connect with a bit of extra warmth, use a scarf, headband, or soft item.
  • To avoid seeming distant and closed off to people, avoid wearing blue and black attire.
Feng Shui Your Wardrobe
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Choose Your Clothing According to Your Intention

Attract Good Energy

If you wish to attract positive energy, your power colors are black and blue. Clothes or accessories with wavy patterns, mirrors, or water symbols are also useful for attracting positive vibes. This outfit also works for a strong work day.

Support Your Endeavor

If you need an extra boost in your endeavor or starting something new, wear green. Ideally, choose clothing made of cotton, hemp, or similar naturally produced fiber. Add wood jewelry and/or clothing with tree motifs, stripes, or column shapes.

Attract Money

If your intention is to attract money, wear shades of green, and add touches of red, gold, or silver. Use clothes made from cotton, linen, silk, and wool, with striped or column patterns. Add wood jewelry and Incorporate auspicious symbols like the Chinese character for wealth (福) or lucky coins etc.

Feel Grounded and Calm

Wear earth colors such as orange, browns, and tans to make you feel more grounded and serene. Consider wearing ceramic jewelry or anything created from natural materials. Wearing square shapes is ideal for days when you want to feel more relaxed.

You Want to Finish Something

Wear whites, grays, metal accessories, and clothing with circular patterns to bring anything to a successful completion.

Feel Healthy

Wear colors like yellow, orange, brown, and tan to promote healthy vibes around you. Consider wearing ceramic jewelry or anything created from natural materials. Square forms, fire symbols, and animal symbols are excellent for feeling better and drawing healing energy.

Feng Shui Your Wardrobe
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Find Extra Courage

Wear reds or oranges on days when you need to call on all of your bravery or when you want to be viewed in the best possible light. The colors of fire. Also, you could wear clothes, socks, underwear, or jewelry with fire symbols or triangles on them.

Attract Love

When you want a date to lead to additional dates, wear reds, pinks, whites, and purples. Additionally, think about adorning yourself with earth-based jewelry, such as those made of clay. Square forms are excellent in attracting love. If you don’t like bright colors, you may always go for subdued versions of them, such as burgundy or wine.

Wearing red lace underwear is another way to integrate fire. People won’t notice, but you’ll know what’s going on beneath the surface, and remember that it’s all about how it makes you feel.

You Want to Travel More

If you wish to travel more, wear whites and grays, as well as any clothing, jewelry, or underwear with circles on them. Wear metal jewelry or accessories. You can also wear clothing from areas you visited or clothing that reminds you of your journeys. Furthermore, you can take advantage of this clothing to make any desire come true.

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Feng Shui Fashion Tips

  • Although the first piece of advice might seem apparent, it must be said. Wear clothes that are both comfortable and well-fitting. Clothing that is too tight or too loose causes discomfort and confusion.
  • One of the most essential Feng Shui principles is to keep things clean and in good condition. Obviously, in terms of fashion, this means that you should never wear unclean clothing.
  • Never wear clothing that is damaged, torn, or has undone stitching. Make sure the lining of your garments is in good condition as well.
  • Clothing with missing buttons or belts is also seen as bad news. They represent failure and shattered connections.
  • Dangling hems indicate unresolvable relationship issues.
  • Never wear used clothing. Secondhand items are said to carry the bad chi of their prior owners. The same is true for used jewelry and accessories. Make sure everything you wear is new and unique to you.
  • Brown shoes are preferable to black shoes because black shoes might be overly hefty.
  • In addition, you should only wear shoes with round toes. Negative chi is drawn to pointed toes, including personal assaults and gossip.
  • Shoulders that have been sharpened with shoulder pads should be avoided as well since they draw bad chi. The same is true for overly fitted clothing.
  • Wear solid colors wherever feasible and avoid any patterns, which are the fashion counterpart of confusion and disorder in Feng Shui.
  • Ties, ribbons, and dangling items are also unsuitable for Feng Shui fashion.
  • Because too much jewelry resembles clutter, it is undesirable. As a result, wearing minimal jewelry is suggested. Ideally, the only thing you should wear as an adornment is a watch, which helps you keep track of time.

End words

By incorporating feng shui into your wardrobe, you may bring beneficial chi energy into your life and boost your personal chi energy. However, it is not the solution to your life’s issues. This emphasis on fashion choices aims to provide you with an advantage in your efforts and a supporting positive feeling about how you present yourself to the world.

Remember that, while your clothing can have an impact on your energy and mood, it is also necessary to supplement it with hard work, devotion, and positive thoughts. Feng shui is just one part of a complete method that includes many other things.

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