How to Feng Shui Your Closet to Improve the Flow of Positive Energy in Your Home and Life

Feng Shui Your Closet

The importance of decluttering and removing obstacles for positive energy flow cannot be overstated in feng shui. In terms of Feng shui, everything in your house matters, including the closets.

Unfortunately, most households have cluttered closets. When people open their closet doors, they are exposing themselves to that chaotic energy and bringing it with them.

If you want to welcome positive Feng Shui energy into your house, your closets must be as clean and tidy as the rest of your home. Nothing is “hidden” in feng shui. This is why feng shui cures can be hidden behind pieces of furniture or in drawers.

If your closets are messy, unorganized, or full of stuff you no longer use or desire, the flow of Chi (气) will be slowed. Despite not being visible or in plain sight, the closets in your house play an essential role. However, in order to sustain a healthy flow of energy, they must be carefully organized.

In this article, I have compiled a few simple Feng Shui techniques and tips to help you organize your closet. So read on how to Feng Shui your closet!

The Effects of Closet Clutter

It is not difficult to recognize that the clutter in your closet is having a negative influence on your life. Stagnant energy flow from cluttered closets can lead to a variety of problems, depending on where in your house that stuck energy is located.

For example, a messy closet in the southeast area will greatly hurt your money and property. Similarly, a cluttered closet in your home’s north orientation might generate troubles in your business.

Your cluttered closets may be causing these signs:

  • You may be experiencing fatigue or health problems.
  • Being stuck or feeling like your life isn’t moving forward
  • You may be experiencing difficulties in your career, and your financial situation and property may also be suffering.
  • Relationship issues may arise, as well as unneeded disputes and disagreements within the family.
  • Persistent anxiety and an inability to focus on anything.
  • You experience insomnia or sleep problems.
  • No new opportunities are available.
  • Troubles and obstacles arising from unidentified causes.

Consider how you feel in the morning when you try to leave the house but everything goes wrong. Perhaps you awoke late or found yourself out of clean clothing. You can carry that disappointed energy with you from the beginning of the day, and it can lead to a variety of problems that could not otherwise arise.

Your closet’s energy is no different. This happens when you open a door and everything falls on top of you, or when you’re looking for something and can’t find it. You know what? That energy could make its way into every aspect of your life.

The good news is that after cleaning out the closet area, you will notice an increase in chi (气) energy in the home, which will feel like a breath of fresh air. The energy that has been stuck will be released, and the bad energy will leave your house.

Even when things are going well, don’t underestimate how much energy that messy closet is consuming in your life! So be ready, and find out how to organize your closet.

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What does your closet say about you?

Your closet may hold secrets that you are not consciously aware of. Take a step back and notice what it has to say about you. If you don’t like it, change it!

So, here are some ideas of what your closet can reveal about you:

  • Saving things you “might” use later can be a sign of fear and shortage—the idea that you might not be able to get something else in the future.
  • It might be difficult to move ahead if you are holding on to clothing that symbolizes a previous version of yourself.
  • Clothing that you bought but never wore might reflect energy that you haven’t fully embraced.
  • It can also signify your emotional state at the time you purchased the piece of clothing. So, if you were unhappy when you got it, you might not reach for it since you are no longer in that frame of mind.
  • Keeping clothes from old jobs could mean that you haven’t fully let go of the old and welcomed the new.
  • Closets may indicate suppressed emotions or secrets if you tend to store stuff you don’t know what to do with or can’t bear to get rid of.
  • Additionally, closets can stand for things that you want to hide or keep from other people.

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How to Feng Shui Your Closet

Closet feng shui is actually quite simple. Essentially, you want your closets to be clean, organized, and full of items you really use.

Clean the Inside Area of Your Closet

Begin by emptying your closet. Following that, carefully dust it. Make sure the part is prepared for a new start by giving it a thorough cleaning with a vacuum and/or wipes. Moreover, sweep the floor and clean the walls.

For a while, keep the closet door open to allow positive energy to flow in.

Feel free to paint it or cover it with self-adhesive paper if you think it needs a new look. Adding a small light inside the closet is another idea.

Assess your Clothes: Keep, Donate, or Get Rid

Now, you need to look at all of your clothes from a very detached point of view. While doing so, place each item one by one in the boxes labeled “keep,” “donate,” and “throw.” After you complete this simple step, you will have removed a large amount of clutter from your storage area. Remember, the idea is to clear out the clutter and make room.

Clothes to Get Rid Of

The first step is the simplest. Look through your clothes for those with tears or rips that are worn, particularly old, and maybe sagging. Some clothes may have a special place in your heart. However, if there is a stain that will not come out or if there are little holes caused by moths, it must be discarded.

Such clothing drains your vitality if you’re wearing it. In Feng Shui, everything is about life, chi, and a bright life; yet, anything with tears or rips drains your energy. Even if you don’t notice it while wearing it, it won’t feel nice.

Therefore, look through them and find what isn’t really working right.

Furthermore, according to Feng Shui, the way you store your apparel may have an impact on your health. Generally, items that evoke negative feelings or sentiments, or those you don’t wear at all, are the source of negative energy. So, in order to boost energy in your wardrobe and life, you need to reorganize your wardrobe.

If something makes you feel bad or reminds you of bad times in your life, get rid of it. Get rid of the slim clothes you’re hoping to fit into again someday. It will simply make you feel horrible, and they will be out of style by the time you fit them again.

Realize that clothes that don’t fit well will always stay in the closet. You’re not going to wear them.

If you struggle with the thought of getting rid of specific items, consider relocating them to one side of the closet or storing them in a box for a few months to keep them away from your daily wardrobe. It can assist you in creating separation and making it easier to dispose of these items later.

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Clothes to Donate

Search for clothing that you haven’t worn in more than a year, with the exception of a few seasonal pieces. You won’t wear them again if you haven’t picked them up in the last year.

It is preferable to donate them so that someone else may benefit from them, and these clothes can eventually find a new home.

Here are some ideas for clothes you can donate:

  • Clothing from an earlier job or life period that you no longer identify with.
  • Clothes you no longer wear.
  • Clothing that no longer fits and clothing that is uncomfortable
  • Clothing that does not make you feel good when you wear it
  • Clothes kept “just in case”

Turning the hangers backward can help you remember if you’re wearing clothes or not. Return the hanger to its original position after wearing an item.

A few months later, you can get rid of (or donate) the clothes you don’t wear.

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Clothes to Keep

The following step is to keep just the clothing you enjoy wearing. Although it’s not simple, you have to accept it. Organizing clothes in a closet is always necessary to maintain order.

How to Reorganize Your Wardrobe

Organizing your closet is quite personal; only you know what will be most effective for you. Place the things you want to keep back in the closet in a way that makes them easy to find and use. Whatever anybody may tell you, you cannot sustain an organizational system that is not a natural part of your way of doing things, and it will rapidly get out of control.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Place the hangers so that they are all facing the same direction. Most people like to hook clothes over the bar from front to back instead of under the bar from back to front.
  • Select the proper hangers. Satin-cover hangers are appropriate for lightweight dresses, while sturdy wood hangers are appropriate for suits or hefty jackets.
  • Sort the garments by kind. Shirts should be grouped with shirts, pants with pants, and dresses with dresses.
  • Sort things by style. Sort all short-sleeve shirts with other short-sleeve shirts, long-sleeve shirts with other long-sleeve shirts, and so on. Take it a step further by organizing by color.
  • Group related things in the closet, such as belts, pants, and accessories. They must be kept together to make it simpler to make a selection when getting dressed.
  • You must have some favorite outfits that you wear on a regular basis. To ensure easy access to them every other day, they should be hung or kept in the front of the closet.
  • You might try folding certain things, such as t-shirts and sweaters, on the shelf while sorting everything. This will allow you to have more inside room and ensure that these things are always visible when you open the closet doors.
  • Make use of wall space for accessories. To store your accessories, invest in closet organizers such as sticky hooks. You may hang scarves, purses, and “faux bijou” on them to keep your closet tidy and clean.
  • Items that do not need to be hung should be stored in drawers. With dividers, you can keep your odd or casual items inside and keep them in order. Your nightwear may also be folded up and conveniently stored in these containers.
  • Shoe racks, hanging shoe organizers, or transparent plastic shoe boxes should be used to store all shoes.
  • Except for shoes, which should be properly placed on shoe racks, keep nothing on the floor of your closet.
How to Feng Shui Your Closet
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Repairs and Modifications.

Once you’ve decided what to keep, see if a tailor can restore any of it to new condition. After making some changes to the things that needed it, take a look at what you still have. Before making any purchases, create a list of everything you currently own in your wardrobe and a shopping list of what you need to add.

Your Underwear Drawer

The first step is to look through your underwear drawer again and ensure that everything fits you and is gorgeous and vivid. If it isn’t, simply let it go. When you start to purge items from your closets and underwear drawers, you make room for new items.

If your underwear drawer and closet are both overflowing, there is no room for new items. Therefore, you want to be able to open your door and clearly see what’s there, as well as identify what you could be bringing in to feel happy.

Because you wear it every day, your underwear is very important. Imagine putting on new underwear and bras every day that make you feel so happy, joyful, and relaxed. That would be like a gift for you.

How to Feng Shui Your Closet
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Maintain the Closet When You’re Done

If you have worked hard and your closet looks just as you anticipated, you must make an effort to maintain it that way. Mark your calendar or set a reminder on your phone to remind you to rearrange your closet on a regular basis. Cleaning on a regular basis will require considerably less time and work in the future.

Closet Doors

When your closet is not in use, try to keep the doors closed. This keeps the energy contained, so it doesn’t leak into your area.

This is especially significant in the bedroom since the energy of the closet may affect sleep and rest. If your closet does not have doors, you may block the energy using curtains or a room divider.

Closet Doors with Mirrors

Mirrors, according to feng shui, double whatever they reflect. Furthermore, they have the ability to bounce energy, which is quite useful if you want to circulate Chi around your house.

Mirrors immediately facing the bed, on the other hand, might put your body on high alert, disrupting sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, try covering your closet doors to see if it helps.

If the mirrors are bothering you, you can buy new closet doors, hang curtains, or cover them with frosted window film. If they don’t bother you, make sure your space is clean and tidy, because mirrors will double any messy or unorganized energy and bounce it around.

How to Feng Shui Your Closet
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What Should You Avoid Storing in Your Closet?

  • Items that you dislike or that make you feel bad should not be kept in your closet.
  • Keeping anything because you feel guilty about it, feel obligated to keep it, or even just because you paid for it might reduce the energy in your house.
  • Whether you are aware of it or not, every time you see something that makes you feel bad, it changes your energy. Those things are holding you down, whether you recognize it or not.
  • It’s completely OK to admit that you don’t like something or don’t want to still have it. It is absolutely normal for your desires, dreams, and needs to shift. Your closet does not have to be a time capsule.

End Words

There is a lot to take in, so I suggest starting slowly. Start with one of those things; you don’t have to accomplish them all at once.

You may try doing one cupboard at a time. So maybe you’ll do your underwear and clean that out and enjoy how amazing it feels.

So get rid of the items that don’t have as much emotional meaning, such as pants and socks, and then move on to the closet. Give up on things that aren’t working and move on to things that could hold more emotional significance.

Your primary objective is to keep a healthy flow of energy in your closet. When you clean up the closet area, stagnant energy is released, and negativity departs your home. The Chi energy in the home will seem like a breath of fresh air to you. Now go try it!

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