How to Make a Feng Shui Wealth Vase to Attract Wealth and Prosperity

Feng Shui Wealth Vase

The feng shui wealth vase, which is also called a treasure vase, is one of the oldest cures for money and wealth in feng shui. Whether it is displayed or hidden, the wealth vase inspires thoughts of finding ways to earn more money, which boosts business fortunes significantly. Spiritually, wealth vases help in the acquisition of inner wealth, which is a spiritual achievement.

The idea behind the wealth vase is that it holds things that represent wealth, such as real money, symbols of wealth and ease, and other items that represent wealth. Furthermore, wealth vases represent long-term wealth rather than simply having more money.

Vases have a variety of symbolic meanings, ranging from the “ping” sound they produce, which in Chinese means “peace,” to the notion in feng shui that vases may gather and hold auspicious and advantageous energy. The vase is one of Buddhism’s eight treasured items. Because the vase may be found in Buddha’s footprints, it is revered and highly appreciated.

The Feng Shui wealth vase is an old feng shui secret that was once known solely to Chinese aristocrats and the wealthy. The vases would be passed down from generation to generation, allowing each family to stay affluent despite societal changes.

Fortunately, Buddhist masters disclosed the secret and powerful wealth vase method of feng shui through ancient traditions based on feng shui principles. Today, anyone who wishes to enhance their entire financial status can make a wealth vase.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Feng Shui Wealth Vase, how it helps attract wealth and prosperity, and how you can create one for your own home or company. But let’s start with its origin.

Origin of Wealth Vases

The practice of wealth vases, which originated in India, came to Tibet about 1,000 years ago. The ancient Saint Padmasambava provided detailed directions for making wealth vases that symbolize the Wealth Buddhas. Since then, Tibetans have kept wealth vases in their homes, on their altars, and even buried them in the ground.

Wealth vases are now kept in workplaces and businesses to promote development and success. Older or dynastic family residences, particularly in Xian, Shaanxi Province, China, Beijing, Shanghai, or Taiwan, may still have stunningly large wealth vases belonging to aristocratic families from a past era. These are wealthy legacies that have been passed down through generations.

Throughout the reign of the Qing emperors, the upheaval of western semi-control, and the events that followed the political turmoil and civil conflicts, these prosperity vases were credited with providing families with enduring riches and influence.

Origin of Wealth Vases
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Feng Shui Wealth Vase Vs. Wealth Bowl

The wealth bowl functions similarly to a feng shui wealth vase. A wealth vase differs from a wealth bowl in that the latter is more personalized. (Related reading: A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl)

You may fill your wealth bowl with whatever you think represents money and abundance.

A feng shui money bowl should also be placed so that you may view it frequently and remember your intention to draw abundance into your life or company.

But a feng shui wealth vase is very different. It is filled with objects that represent abundant energy in feng shui and is not intended to be exhibited.

If you want to make a feng shui wealth remedy but don’t want to exhibit it in your house, a wealth vase is ideal. You may hide it behind other things, in a cupboard, or even in your bedroom closet, and it will still perform its magic.

How to Create a Feng Shui Wealth Vase

There is no exact way to make a wealth vase, but it should have some basic items like crystals, money, gold, or symbols of gold, like gold bars or ingots. It’s also important to pick the right ones and store them the right way.

Don’t forget that this is your journey, and you will have to build your own wealth. To make your wealth vase, you must do everything that needs to be done in the right order.

To create your own wealth vase, just follow these easy steps:

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Type and Size of Wealth Vase

The type of vase you choose is vital. Chinese vases were primarily crafted of pottery in the classic Chinese style, with white surfaces and blue patterns. The artwork would frequently depict dragons, a powerful emblem of prosperity and fulfilled ambitions.

Therefore, the first step is to choose a vessel that is quite similar to the one we just described. The most important factor is that the vase shouldn’t be transparent. Some people use copper, silver, or gold vases instead of ceramic ones. The vase’s shape should be circular, squat, and narrower at the neck (but sufficient to fit the components).

Since the original ginger jar has a broad opening but a narrow neck with a lid, it is the container of choice. Normal vases don’t have lids, and while you can still use them, your wealth vase will be much safer if it has a lid.

Still, you can choose almost anything you want, so choose something that makes you happy and makes you feel abundant. Just make sure it’s broader at the bottom and narrower at the top, and that it has a lid to close the opening. You can pick up a wealth vase in any size you want. Remember, the ancient rulers used both large floor vases and smaller ones to draw in and safeguard their wealth.

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What to Put in Your Wealth Vase

You may make your wealth vase out of a variety of elements. We’ll go through the most important ones, but remember that you don’t have to utilize them all. Use everything you can find. Some of the most important parts are cheap, but the most important thing is to include things that represent wealth to you.

 Dirt from a wealthy person’s yard

The dirt you will use in your wealth vase must come from a wealthy person’s yard. It must be willingly given to you by that person. In order for the dirt to work for you, you need to get the owner’s permission to take any.

If you cannot obtain dirt from a wealthy individual, you might replace it with a different soil. You will need rich, healthy soil from a location that is prospering and flourishing with vivid plant life and vitality. If the dirt contains positive energy, it will stand for financial stability and wealth.

What to Put in Your Wealth Vase
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 Symbols of Wealth

This step is really subjective! You should select symbols and other items to reflect your desire to attract wealth and fortune to yourself. You can pick from classical feng shui items and symbols. You may also include items that are ideal as wealth symbols for you. Most individuals want to have a combination of traditional and personal feng shui items. Since it’s your wealth vase, it’s up to you to decide.

Some traditional feng shui items that you could put in your vase are:

  • Various crystals that represent wealth derived from the earth.
  • Coins in your country’s currency as well as from different countries. Place these in red envelopes.
  • Artificial diamonds and gemstones.
  • Five different colored small globes.
  • A red envelope containing three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon, representing prosperity amplified 10 times.
  • Gold ingots and bars (real are best, but certainly faux can be used as symbols.)
  • Gold jewelry components.
  • Lock coin to protect your wealth.
  • I-ching coins to solve all problems.
  • A little laughing Buddha or any other god of wealth from China or Tibet.
  • Images of rich people you respect. You can get these from magazines.
  • A Ru Yi to represent home authority and management.
  • Semi-precious gemstones.
  • Small, round crystal balls to represent a smooth life with no problems.
  • Six small crystal balls with a smooth finish to promote harmony.
  • Wish-fulfilling jewels that can make all of your dreams come true.
  • Images of nature or art that inspire a sense of abundance.
  • Images represent the things you want to bring into your life.
  • Additionally, collect items that indicate prosperity and plenty to you.

 Money from a wealthy person

In your wealth vase, you must include cash from a wealthy individual. To get this cash, simply ask for it as change for a larger note. This lets you make a fair trade with the money.

 Five different grains, seeds, or beans.

Putting rice and other grains in a wealth vase is an old feng shui practice that gives the food wealth energy. The grains were replaced every year with new grains, and the grains that had been infused with wealth were eaten over the next year.

Many feng shui practitioners today give the simple recommendation to add rice and grains without providing any more guidance. Unsealed grains will get rancid, rot, and/or attract pests. This will pollute your wealth vase, which will have terrible effects on your financial fortune. As a result, skipping this traditional step is advised.

Because the rice and grains are for consumption, this omission will have no effect on your overall wealth outcome. You can use symbols of food instead of actual food. If you still want to add grains, store them in sealable bags.

What to Put in Your Wealth Vase
Image by RoboAdvisor from Pixabay

 Five squares of colored cloth and ribbons

Five squares of colorful fabric and five ribbons of the same color are needed. In feng shui, these are the five elements that keep the creative process going. Blue, green, yellow, red, and white are the colors required.

Preparing Your Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Before you put anything in your feng shui wealth vase, it must be cleansed. To do this, light an incense cone made of sandalwood or a stick of incense and set it in a suitable incense holder.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Place the incense holder on the table.
  • Light a cone or stick of sandalwood incense and put it in the holder.
  • Flip the vase over and hold the opening above the incense.
  • Fill the vase with incense smoke to remove any trapped chi energy.
  • Hold the lid of the vase over the burning incense to release any stuck chi energy.
  • When you feel the energy has been cleansed, flip the vase upright and place it on the table. You may either leave the incense burning or extinguish it.

Assembling the Ingredients in Your Wealth Vase

After cleansing the wealth vase with incense, you may begin building your wealth vase. With intentional thought, you will put together the materials for your wealth vase. Each item you place in the vase should be treated with care.

Putting together your wealth vase is a simple procedure, but it requires a high degree of intention.

  • Hold the vase’s neck in your hands and direct all of your attention to the interior.
  • Think about your purpose for making your feng shui wealth vase and imagine filling it with your wants, aspirations, wishes, plans, and goals.
  • Once you’re confident that you’ve embedded your energy into the vase, begin filling it.
  • Fill the bottom of your feng shui wealth vase with soil taken from a wealthy person’s yard or other fertile soil. This symbolizes the stability and plenty of the earth, cultivating and expanding your wealth. This provides a solid basis for financial growth and life stability.
  • The food represents an abundance of energy to help you achieve your goals. On top of the earth layer, layer the five varieties of grains, seeds, beans, or anything you choose.
  • The wealth layer.  You place here the money, images, and statements you’ve collected to symbolize your increasing wealth and abundance. While applying this layer, see and feel yourself and your home filled with the wealth and stability you’ve always wanted.
  • Put the god of wealth in the middle of your vase so that he is facing out. Make a little mark on the exterior or bottom of the vase so you’ll always know where he is.
  • Carefully add the remaining items until the vase is 3/4 full, leaving room for prosperity to grow.

Let me repeat a crucial point.

Intention is ALL that matters. First, meditate on your objectives and particular financial desires. Make your vision clear and hold it as if it has already been accomplished. As you put together your vase, your thoughts will be mixed in with the other elements.

Assembling the Ingredients in Your Wealth Vase

Sealing Your Wealth Vase

The vase needs to be covered with five fabrics—blue, green, red, yellow, and white on top—and then tied with five strings in the same colors. These colors symbolize the five elements.

  • When your wealth vase is totally full, put the lid on it. You may now add the five pieces of colored fabric and bind them in place using the five colored strings.
  • Put the lid on, and then put the five pieces of fabric on top in layers.
  • Layer them this way: blue, green, red, yellow, and white, with white on top.
  • Braid the five strings (or ribbons) together, then bind them around the cloth!

This is a symbol of putting the energy of wealth and plenty into the container and then making it happen in your life.

Placement of Your Feng Shui Wealth Vase

You may keep your wealth vase in a number of places. The most important thing is to find a spot where nobody is likely to bump into it or knock it over. This wealth vase should always be faced inward, never outward toward a door, and ideally kept out of sight of guests. It should be respectably positioned at the desired location. Wealth vases not only provide an abundance of wealth but also prevent the loss of current wealth.

Here are some ideas on where to put your wealth vase.

  • One ideal place for a wealth vase is in your bedroom, within an armoire or closet, with the god of wealth looking into the room. Ideally, in the southeast corner (the wealth and prosperity zone).
  • You may also hide your wealth vase within a cabinet in the southeast section of the house, which symbolizes wealth.
  • In your workplace or store to increase sales and earn more financial advantages and success.
  • The Northwest sector, to trigger financial assistance for the caregiver of the family in regards to money-making prospects.
  • To the four primary corners of the home to ensure prosperity and abundance from all directions.
  • Placing it underground prior to relocating to a new home.
  • In a separate room dedicated just to storing the wealth vase. The room must be located in a good place, deep within your home, and not in the front. 

Feng Shui Wealth Vase Additions

Each year, on the anniversary of creating your vase (or on special days like New Years’ Day or the Chinese New Year), you can add one or two pieces of gold, coins, and paper money to symbolize adding to your wealth.

You can also update it if your wealth goals change, like if your vision has grown and you’re ready to attract more wealth than you thought was possible. Make sure to put the cloth back on the vase, retie the ribbon, and put the vase back where it is to be stored.

You may also simply leave it alone and never renew it, so long as you take it out and dust it sometimes. Everything is up to you and how you feel; follow your gut instinct!

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End Words

The idea behind making a Feng Shui wealth vase is to use different symbols of wealth to create a wealth magnet. A wealth vase will serve as a reminder of your wealth ambitions as well as a signal to the universe to attract riches and prosperity into your life.

But always remember that the most precious ingredient is you. So, make your wealth vase with a clear intention of what you want to manifest. When your vase (or any other “money cure”) is ready, go out and pursue your goals. Your actions will help your “wealth cure” and your “wealth cure” will help your actions.

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