Feng Shui Wallet – Set Up Your Wallet to Attract Wealth

Feng Shui Wallet – Set Your Wallet to Attract Wealth

Feng Shui is the 3,000-year-old Chinese art of how humans interact with their environment.

Feng translates to “wind,” while Shui means “water.” These are elements associated with good health and prosperity.

Feng Shui is, therefore, the art of attracting health, wealth, and prosperity from the Universe by staging the right conditions to interact with it positively.

Feng Shui Wallet Color for Wealth

Feng Shui can be adapted to any aspect of your life. Barring happiness at productivity at home, the most popular and obvious use of Feng Shui is to attract money or wealth.

It all starts with the color of your wallet. Since this ancient art details that certain colors affect how the Universe responds to your desires, it’s important to start by picking the right wallet color.

Here is a breakdown of various Feng Shui Wallet colors and what they mean:

Colors you should choose:

  • Black

Black is the best color to choose for your wallet. In Feng Shui, black is considered highly auspicious, or in other words, conducive to success.

It stands for wealth, prosperity, and opportunity. It is a great choice of color to build up physical wealth and monetary fortunes.

  • Ochre/Brown/Tan

Ochre is an earth element, one that represents unwavering stability. It can provide support to your finances.

Tan, a wood element, represents growth and replenished energies. It can help you grow and retain your money over time.

Brown also represents the earth, specifically how it nurtures seeds and allows them to flourish. Picking brown unlocks growth and protects your money during hard times, just like the earth does for seeds during winter.

  • Green

Green is the universal color of growth, and therefore the right color to get if you want more opportunities.

A green wallet can help you attain new streams of income and business opportunities.

  • Metal tones (Gold, Copper, Silver)

Metal colors represent value and wealth. Gold, silver, and copper-colored wallets will help you attract more wealth.

Colors you should avoid:

  • Blue

Blue represents flowing water, and the last thing you want is your wealth to flow away. Avoid blue when it comes to making your wallet Feng Shui.

  • Pink

Pink is fire and romance, and while it may better your relationships, it has no place near your hard-earned money.

  • Purple

The fierce purple hue is known to burn brightly and passionately, and for that reason, it should not feature near your finances. 

  • Red

Red is the color of fire, so it makes sense to keep it away from your paper notes. A red wallet could attract a fiery end to your wealth.

  • Yellow

A mustard yellow wallet (of a pastel yellow purse) can help you save more, but it is generally not advisable to go for a yellow wallet.

Since it represents transition, a yellow wallet could both lose and bring back your wealth. It’s not conducive to financial stability.

What Should I Keep in My Wallet to Attract Money?

There are items with strong Feng Shui energy. You need these items to attract as much luck to your wallet.

Essentially, these things tell the universe, “my wallet is a place that attracts wealth and fortune.”

What Should I Keep in My Wallet to Attract Money
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One of the principles of Feng Shui is that crystals attract prosperity. You can collect an assortment of gems and rotate them depending on what message you’re trying to tell the Universe.

For example, Amethyst tells the Universe that you’re dependable enough to maintain your wealth.

Malachite can attract growth and help you save more money.

Citrine is a good gem for attracting new financial opportunities. Other gems you can place in your wallet to attract luck include:

  • Peridot
  • Adventurine
  • Calcite
  • Emerald
  • Green tourmaline

Red Envelope

The Red Envelope containing money is one of the most auspicious symbols to have in your wallet.

You should always have money in this envelope. Ideally, it should amount to one of the figures Feng Shui postulates as auspicious. For instance, money that adds up to nine 9 and 27 is considered very lucky.

You can also exchange money with a successful person or organization and keep it in your Red Envelope to attract more fortune. 

Three Coins and a Ribbon

One way to direct more luck energy into your wallet, and therefore your finances, is by storing lucky symbols in your wallet. 

Three coins and a red ribbon represent luck in Feng Shui, and having them in your wallet will attract more money luck. (This advice may seem contradictory to what was previously said about the color of the wallet, but it is not. Read on as we clarify this issue below.)

Get a Chinese coin from a good dynasty to symbolize your hunger for wealth and prosperity.

(The last two tips may seem contradictory to what was previously said about the color of the wallet, but they are not. Read on as we clarify this issue below.)

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How Much Money Should I Keep in My Feng Shui Wallet?

It is believed that some numbers improve the flow of good energy into your wallet. The luckiest numbers are 1,2,3,6,8 and 9, and if you carry your money in these amounts (or their respective multiples), you attract more good energy to your finances.

How Do I Activate My Feng Shui Wallet?

The quickest way to accept good energy into your wallet and finances is to clean your wallet.

First of all, you need to show the Universe that you have space to accept more money. If your wallet is crammed full of things of little to no value, then there is no room for more money and prosperity.

Feng Shui dictates that clutter can block the flow of positive energy into your life. The same applies to your wallet. If there is too much clutter inside it, then it will not attract money, luck, and positive opportunities.

How to Clean Your Feng Shui Wallet

Cleaning your Feng Shui wallet is essential as it allows you to create room for more wealth and enable the flow of good luck through your finances.

To clean your Feng Shui wallet, you need to do the following:

  • Take out all old receipts and other bits of paper that you can file away elsewhere. You shouldn’t hold on to old things that don’t have value, as they can diminish the luck that’s flowing your way.
  • Separate your notes from the loose change. Don’t put paper money next to coins. It’s also important that your notes stay straight and unfolded to remain crisp. New money will always attract more.
  • Try not to carry too many credit cards in your wallet. They symbolize debt and the diminishing of your money.
  • Other than your luck symbols, your money, and your identification documents, your wallet should be free of any other pieces of paper or cards. Get a bowl for business cards if you must, but don’t pile them up in your wallet if you don’t have an immediate use for them.
How Can I Make My Wallet Lucky
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How Can I Make My Wallet Lucky?

Always Buy New Wallets

Never use a second-hand wallet. Like other possessions, wallets can carry energies. If you buy a wallet that’s been used before, you’ll be inheriting all the bad luck it has accumulated.

Get Rid of any Torn or Worn-Out Wallets.

Your wallet should be in pristine condition at all time. Don’t carry around a wallet that’s old, torn, or worn out.

Ensure that your wallet looks presentable at all times as it encourages the universe to send good things its way. 

Ensure Your Wallet is Large Enough

Don’t get a wallet that forces you to cram your notes. It should be spacious enough to accommodate the entire length of your unfolded notes.

It should also have more space than you need because that’s an incentive for the universe to fill it up with more money.

Store Your Wallet in a Dignified Area

Don’t just toss your wallet in the key bowl near the door. 

Keep it in a pristine, well-kept environment, preferably surrounded by lucky talismans, good colors, and an environment that promotes Feng Shui.

Never Let Your Wallet Touch the Floor

Putting your wallet on the floor symbolizes its lack of value. If the universe deems it of low value, then you will not attract anything of value, including money and new opportunities.

Always Leave a Part of it Empty.

You should leave some room in your wallet to attract more money. If there is no room left, then the universe will not feel the need to send money your way.

Always ensure that there’s some room in your wallet as a symbol of its readiness to accept more than what it contains.

Pick the Right Shape

While it’s alright for coin purses to be round, a good wallet is almost always rectangular.

Each shape has a different Feng Shui meaning:

  • Coin purses are round as the shape represents metal (the element), which is an auspicious symbol.
  • Square wallets bring stability and balance into your finances. Square represents the earth element, so it is solid and reliable.
  • Rectangle is the symbol of wood, an element known for growth. Therefore, a rectangular wallet will help your money and wealth increase exponentially.

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Wallet Style and Material

The style of your wallet, as well as the material it’s made from, has a great impact on its Feng Shui.

No matter what you choose (it’s usually a toss-up between leather and nylon), you should be comfortable with the material as that will allow you to feel positive about it.

Also, consider whether you want a wallet with a zipper, a traditional clasp, or even a Velcro. Pick the most secure way to protect your money as it expresses your desire to grow and maintain your wealth.

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Question: How can RED be forbidden for a wallet color, and at the same time, it is good to keep in the wallet a RED envelope or three coins with a RED ribbon?

This is a plausible question I hear all the time, so let’s break it down. Colors have an important role in affecting the energy, or “chi,” in your surroundings in Feng Shui. There might be some seemingly contradicting suggestions when it comes to wallet colors and habits such as utilizing red envelopes or a red ribbon. Let’s go through these ideas.

Red Wallet Color: While red is generally regarded as an auspicious and active color in Feng Shui that represents luck, passion, and wealth, it may not always be the greatest option for a wallet color. The reason for this is that different colors are connected with distinct Feng Shui elements, and selecting a color that conflicts with your own element may break the balance of your energy.

For example, if your personal element is Wood, which is related to the colors green and brown, carrying a red wallet (which belongs to the Fire element) may cause a conflict. This conflict might result in an imbalance and financial troubles.

Red Envelope and Red Ribbon: Using a red envelope and a red ribbon to attract positive energy and good fortune is a traditional practice in many Asian cultures, including Feng Shui, especially at important events such as Chinese New Year or weddings. The color red represents life, happiness, and wealth, and it is said that giving or receiving money in a red envelope will magnify these positive emotions.

In the context of this, carrying a red envelope with money in your wallet or three coins with a red ribbon is a symbol of drawing wealth and prosperity. The red color of the envelope is thought to be lucky and to help keep the money’s good energy.

It’s important to remember that Feng Shui is a complicated and multifaceted practice that can vary depending on personal preferences, local traditions, and different Feng Shui schools.

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