A Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

Creating your own money bowl is one of the most enjoyable feng shui strategies to generate increased revenue and wealth growth. The Feng Shui bowl for prosperity is just a collection of Feng Shui symbols assembled to assist you in attracting prosperity and money into your life. For attracting wealth and prosperity, there is no older Feng Shui cure.

The wealth bowl is the opposite of the wealth vase, which can only be made with a certain set of items and must be hidden from view. Instead, the wealth bowl can be made with any number of auspicious things you already have around the house, and it’s meant to be visible. (Related reading: How to make a Feng Shui Wealth Vase to Attract Wealth and Prosperity)

Thus, it may be concluded that the wealth bowl attracts financial wealth, making it ideal for people who don’t mind showing off their wealth. The vase would be more appropriate for individuals who wish to amass fortunes without being seen by others.

Having said that, having both the wealth bowl and the wealth vase at home is completely acceptable.

In fact, many people who don’t practice feng shui make their own money bowls and put them in places where they can be seen to represent and attract good luck.

If you have a container with money or jewels on display, this setup is akin to the “wealth bowl” idea.

Since ancient China, the wealthy have practiced the ritual of storing money pots, vases, jars, or bowls in their homes to increase financial luck.

Many feng shui-aware households now display these prosperity bowls in their living room or near the cash register at their company. It’s a money ritual that people adhere to. It is a wonderful Feng Shui method for increasing your prospects, income, and prosperity.

A wealth bowl can be a beautiful decoration for a TV stand, library desk, or even a coffee table, and it can also remind us of our goal of being financially successful.

Here’s all you need to know to make your own.

Please keep in mind that it is your life and your bowl. So consider these guidelines as a starting point. When you sense that something different is required, trust your intuition and assume that something different is required.

Making a Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

The most important thing to remember is that your wealth bowl is intended to be displayed, so it should be something you enjoy looking at and want to have in your house.

There are several methods to build a money bowl, so don’t get too caught up in making it “right” or “perfect” for feng shui.

You may fill your bowl with as many components as you desire. But first, let’s choose your bowl.

wealth bowl

Choosing the Right Bowl

Choose a bowl that is easily obtainable at home décor stores (Check out some beautiful designsAff.link). Select one that is generally not too flat and is approximately the size of a typical cereal bowl. It’s preferable if it’s square or round, and it shouldn’t be too shallow. Consider that if you can see the components through the bowl, it may signify riches pouring out. So it’s best to go with one that isn’t completely clear. Choose the one you like best!

However, if you truly want to harness the power of the feng shui prosperity bowl, you need to give it more attention. The selection of a bowl is primarily determined by four variables. Shape, size, material, and design are all important considerations.

When it comes to bringing prosperity into the home, a plastic bowl used for dipping burgers at the barbeque is not the best choice.

Bowl Size

Some may believe that the bigger the wealth bowl, the more financial luck may be summoned. Indeed, many feng shui practitioners advocate this.

However, keep in mind that no matter how much good fortune we receive, there is only so much that we can reap.

Regular rice bowls can be relatively small, and party punch bowls might be excessively large. A regular-sized bowl is an optimal size.

Bowl Material

Because glass bowls are transparent, they should be avoided. This permits the contents of the bowl to be viewed from the outside. This is an indication of wealth leakage.

To attract earth luck, use earth-based materials such as porcelain, stone, or even crystals.

Metal bowls are also popular among feng shui practitioners because they are connected with good luck. Brass, bronze, and gold are popular metals.

Other natural materials like rattan and bamboo can also be great alternatives, especially in a home with a resort-style design.

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Bowl Shape

Because we’re talking about a bowl, the first form that comes to mind is a complete circle. The ideal bowl to use is unquestionably a circular one. This is due in part to the circle representing heaven, which is the source of the good fortune we seek.

However, there are an increasing number of unusually shaped bowls available these days. Some are curved, while others are shaped to imitate other forms, etc.

Square is the only other basic shape you should utilize since it symbolizes the earth.

Avoid triangular and rectangular bowls, especially those with limited breadths. A narrow width indicates a limited range of wealth luck.

There are also some that are shaped like other objects, such as leaves, hearts, seashells, and so on. These can sometimes resemble plates rather than bowls. These bowl shapes are allowed as long as they don’t mean anything bad and don’t have any sharp corners that look bad.

But don’t use plates because they don’t have enough depth to hold money.

Bowl Design

Even though the current trend for cooking tools is for them to be simple and solid colors, most homes still use bowls with designs like flowers, decorations, calligraphy, and other symbols of good luck.

Kitchenware symbols are often associated with pleasant sentiments. Therefore, unless a design is very obviously related to an unpleasant meaning, you are usually safe using the majority of designs.

Wealth bowl ingredients

Once you’ve decided on a bowl, you’ll need to figure out what to fill it with. A wealth bowl can be made with a variety of components. Everyone’s wealth bowl will be unique and filled with items that are meaningful to them!

If you keep your bowl in a place where lots of people visit who you don’t know or trust (like next to your cash register if you operate a business, or in your living room, doorway, or similar open area where people would see it as they enter your house), you wouldn’t want to store objects that have a lot of emotional value or actual money. Instead, you’d select objects that are indicative of your growing wealth.

However, if you put your money bowl in your bedroom, you may keep valuable jewels or other precious items in it.

Feng Shui Wealth Bowl
Image from ophiriaonline.com

Your wealth bowl represents expanding wealth, and the elements in it are arranged in layers. Choose the components that will increase the significance of your mission and help you build a fortune.

You can fill your wealth bowl with:

  • Faux diamonds
  • Glass stones and other additions
  • Gem tree crystals: To draw money
  • Gold bars (bars painted in gold)
  • Small gold-painted stones to resemble gold nuggets, as gold draws riches quickly.
  • Money: Feng Shui Chinese coins, jewelry, or large-value money coins
  • Semi-precious stones (for example, amethyst, rose quartz, citrus, or “Lapis Lazuli”)
  • Images or representations of your desires.
  • Auspicious herbs and spices

On the top of your wealth bowl, you can put:

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Steps for Creating Your Feng Shui Wealth Bowl

Step 1: Set your intention

After cleansing the wealth vase with incense, you may begin building your wealth vase. With intentional thought, you will put together the materials for your wealth vase. Each item you place in the vase should be treated with care.

Putting together your “riches bowl” is a simple process that demands a high level of intention. Intention is everything. First, take some time to meditate on your goals and specific financial aspirations. Make your vision clear, and act as if it has already been realized. As you put your bowl together, your thoughts will mix with the other components.

  1. Take the bowl in your hands and direct all of your thoughts within it.
  2. Think about why you are making a feng shui wealth bowl and see yourself filling it with your wishes, plans, goals, dreams, and objectives.
  3. Move on to the next step when you’re sure you’ve put your energy into the bowl.

Step 2: Cleanse your wealth bowl

Cleanse your wealth bowl with incense or sage. It is necessary to cleanse your feng shui wealth bowl before placing anything in it. To do this, light a cone or stick of incense and put it in an appropriate incense holder.

Turn the bowl upside down and place it over the incense. When you feel that the energy has been purified, it is time to fill your wealth bowl.

You can either let the incense continue to burn or put it out. While cleansing the bowl, keep your prosperity intention in mind.

Feng Shui Wealth Bowl
Image from uniquefengshui.com

Step 3: Fill the first layer of your bowl

Because the bottom is the basis for wealth, you can use tiny pebbles, gemstones, glass beads, or any other item that is shiny or appealing. You may even use colored fish tank pebbles. In feng shui, all of these symbolize the earth element, which is a stabilizing element.

Step 4: Put your favorite wealth items

After that, fill it with more auspicious wealth symbols, such as Chinese coins, gold ingots, jewelry, semi-precious stones, cash, etc.

Remember that this is a metaphor for the wealth you are producing in your life, and it does not have to be a great amount of actual money to be effective. If you do not want to use actual coins, a few Chinese feng shui coins would suffice.

Here are some crystals you can put in your wealth bowl:

  • Jade was a valuable and common stone in ancient China. It was thought to bring good luck. During those times, they adopted a phrase that said, “God has a value: Jade is invaluable.” Jade is said to promote success and riches.
  • Cinnabar: It’s also called the Merchant’s Stone, and it can help you get richer, make your career emerge, build confidence, and think creatively.
  • Green Aventurine is thought to be one of the best crystals for making money and getting opportunities.
  • Epidote: This mineral may be found in Calcite, Garnet, Prehnite, and Quartz. A one-of-a-kind stone to put to your riches bowl to bring you even more fortune.
  • Citrine helps you have a positive attitude about money and makes it easier to bring money into your life. Furthermore, it aids in the transformation of negative energy into positive energy.
  • Tiger’s eye: Add this fortunate stone to your money bowl to boost the energy of other crystals. It aids in increasing your wealth flow, achieving your goals, and making room for new chances.
  • Chrysoprase is also called Green Chalcedony. Its color is like a green apple, and it combines the qualities of yellow and green crystals to bring in money and make you feel good.
  • Pyrite: It aids in the development of willpower and tenacity. The reflected surface of Pyrite crystal allows you to see yourself and encourages you to achieve your financial objectives.

Depending on your goal, you can also add pictures or other symbols of what you want, as well as any lucky spices or herbs.

Step 5: Select a focal object for the top of your bowl.

People that use the wealth bowl frequently have a focal point that stands out from the rest. These central pieces would lay on the bottom of items that bring in wealth and be higher than the horizon line of the bowl.

This is similar to a flower pot in that the contents indicate fertile soil, and the central element coming up is the plant.

wealth tree

For example, some popular items for the top of your money bowl are:

  • Candles: Green, silver, or gold candles can be lit in the Feng Shui abundance bowl to bring wealth. The candles’ color represents the financial wealth connected with color magic. A white candle can also be used to bring financial wealth.
  • Statue of the Laughing Buddha: The Golden Buddha is a good luck charm from the East that can bring wealth to your Feng Shui bowl. It will keep your bowl safe and also help prosperity energy grow in the environment. It should be placed near the Tree of Wealth.
  • Gem Tree: Gem and money trees may be found at many gift shops and feng shui retailers. The gem tree has grown in popularity in recent years. By putting it in the wealth bowl, you’re showing that the plant is growing deep roots into wealth items. As a result, it can develop wealth for the owner.
  • It is not necessary to put up a gem tree. However, putting them together would be pleasant and appealing.
  • Your Zodiac Sign: Including a figurine of your Chinese zodiac sign in your wealth bowl is one of the best methods to infuse it with prosperity chi. This will assist you in attracting financial luck. So, if you’re a sheep, include a sheep figure, etc. 

Your wealth bowl is now ready to bring money into your home. It should be something you admire. You may modify it as much as you like by adding or removing components.

You may rearrange the bowl as frequently as you like. To attract wealth, you have to try new things and be open to change. In other words, don’t just let the bowl sit there; make it an active component of your mission. Change things around and try new things.

Step 5 (Optional): Write down the amount of wealth you want.

You can also write down the amount you want to attract on a piece of paper. Place this piece of paper beneath your money bowl. Change it to the next desired amount once it has materialized.

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Where to Put Your Wealth Bowl

Your house is full of feng shui wealth areas, the parts of the Bagua map linked to money and success.

Your main money corner is at the far back left of your house when looking in from the front door. If you want to build wealth and increase your prosperity, keeping your prosperity bowl in the wealth corner is always a wise choice.

Additionally, there is a wealth area in every room. To find it, stand at the doorway and gaze inside, focusing on the far left corner. So you can put your bowl wherever feels right to you, but try to put it in the back left corner if you can.

If you work from home, you can set it at the back left corner of your desk.

You can also place it at your front door to attract wealth energy as the chi enters your home. If you want to attract new financial options and lots of luck into your life, this is a particularly auspicious spot to keep it.

To give your efforts the power of flowing water, put your wealth bowl next to a flower in a water bowl or a small fountain.

The key line is that you should put your wealth bowl wherever you will see it frequently and remember your financial aspirations. Keep it somewhere meaningful to you so that every time you look at it, it fills your life with wealth-creating energy. The act of doing so sends a message to the universe that you wish to increase your family’s financial well-being.

Where You SHOULD NOT Put Your Wealth Bowl

Bathrooms are energy wasters, so avoid keeping it there. Likewise, do not put it near a sink or on a shelf next to a sink in your kitchen, since drains are always energy leaks.

Feng Shui Wealth Bowl
Image from timesfengshui.com

How to Maintain Your Wealth Bowl

It is critical to keep your Feng Shui Prosperity Bowl clean and well-maintained.

Every few weeks, wipe everything in your wealth bowl to get rid of dust and dirt. When you clean, move things around, and don’t put them back exactly the same way. It’s good to switch places to shake up the energy and add or change things that are already there.

Furthermore, cleansing the wealth area reminds you of your goals and ambitions. So, keep everything clean and fresh, and your intentions high.

If you have attracted the wealth you want and no longer need your bowl, you can take it away. You could also clean your prosperity bowl and set a new wealth intention instead of taking it away.

It is up to you to employ the feng shui wealth bowl to your advantage. The goal is to practice feng shui in a way that works for you, so design your own guidelines and watch what happens.

Continue to thank the universe for the riches you now have, as well as the prosperity that will soon come into your life.

End Words

Making a Feng Shui money bowl is intended to serve two purposes: to serve as a visual reminder of your financial goals and to function as a magnet for wealth.

If you add the elements with the intention of bringing wealth and prosperity into your home and life, they will do so because they are symbols of money manifestation.

Make your own money bowl and clean it as necessary. Maintain the flow of money by continually adding or removing components. Making use of these money bowl instructions can bring financial success to you and your loved ones!

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