Common Things you Should NOT Keep at Home According to Feng Shui

things should not be kept at home according feng shui

Feng shui is the art of arranging items in a room to maximize the flow of good energy, also known as chi.

According to this ancient Chinese concept, you may improve your spatial arrangements to be more in tune with nature, which can enhance your energy, inspire pleasure, and even bring a little luck your way. That is why, for generations, homeowners have used feng shui as a guide for planning and decorating their houses.

But be careful: it’s quite easy to interrupt your chi, and when you do, things may go horribly wrong. As a result, you must consider the items that should not be kept at home.

Let’s take a look at some items that, according to feng shui, should not be kept at home.

Broken or Stopped Clocks

Feng shui says that you shouldn’t keep broken things in your home because they are a sign of both inner and outer clutter that doesn’t belong in your life.

A broken old clock, in particular, can be a terrible omen. According to Feng shui, time-keeping devices should always be in functioning order, otherwise, you risk being caught in a rut and not moving forward in your life.

If an old broken clock suddenly chimes, it’s believed that death is on the way for your family!

Another case is a watch that no longer works because the batteries have run out. It’s a must-not-have item. A ticking clock signifies motion and the flow of energy. When the clock is stopped, the energy becomes stagnant.

Keep an eye out for these hidden threats in your house that you should never disregard.

Remove Artwork with Wrong Message.

Art is an expression of who we are or what we want. That is why it is important to be strategic about what you display. If you want to create a family, for example, consider images with children or groups of people in them.

Another important idea is to choose items that add to the general vitality of the place. Keep an eye out for anything that makes you feel good or cheers you up. Avoid bringing sad art into the house, like pictures of battles or storms, because they bring bad energy.

For instance, a painting depicting a sinking ship should never be shown at home. A sinking boat symbolizes the deterioration of family bonds. So, if you have one, get rid of it as soon as possible.

Furthermore, water-themed art should not be displayed above the bed since it creates the anxiety-inducing sensation of always trying to “get your nose above water” or feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed. 

Remove Artwork with the Wrong Message
Image by Gudrun Becker from Pixabay

Improperly Placed Mirrors

A mirror should be placed near the door you use the most, according to Feng shui. The front entrance is your connection to the outside world, and installing a mirror right opposite the doorway risks removing positive energy.

The purpose of a mirror is to reflect good energy, thus placing one in this location will “push away” the positive energy that is attempting to enter your home. Instead, place the mirror to the side or on a distant wall.

TV and Water Element Representations in your Bedroom

Watching TV is a great way to relax. However, never in the bedroom. This is because it takes away from the two main goals of the space, which are to heal the body (by sleeping) and build relationships (passion).

Furthermore, when turned off, a television in the bedroom serves as a mirror. You reflect on it. If you already have one, the best approach is to cover it every night while you are not using it.

Water element representations, such as fish tanks, are not advised. But neither are the bottles of fragrances or colognes, nor the photographs of the sea. This is due to the fact that the water element displaces the body’s fluids, resulting in the loss of vitality.

Throw away expired food.

The kitchen is seen as a source of both riches and good health. Because your health is your wealth, this is an area you should pay extra attention to. Clear out the pantry of outdated food, spices, and anything past its expiration date to invigorate the kitchen space. Spices, in particular, are prone to being stored for much too long, thus a new collection may be necessary.

Sharp Objects

Sharp things disrupt the balance of energy that Feng Shui tries to create. As a result, it is preferable to avoid getting them.

Animal horns, exposed blades, spiky chandeliers, protruding things, platform beds with sharp edges, furniture arranged in such a manner that you continually hit your toe or thigh, heavy objects above the bed or sofa, and empty corners are just a few examples.

When it comes to furniture, round or oval shapes are the finest. In feng shui, corners in your house should be covered, so place an object, a piece of furniture, or a plant in front of them to disguise their “cutting” energy.

If you have a square or rectangular table in the dining room, for instance, the best thing to do is to cover it with a tablecloth. This way, the tips of the so-called poison arrows won’t be able to point at your chakras.

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Things you Should not Keep at Home According to Feng Shui - Cacti and other spiky plants
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Cacti and other spiky plants

Plant enthusiasts will be disappointed. According to feng shui principles, plants with prickly or thorny exteriors attract negative energy. According to feng shui, spiky plants like cacti and thorny acacia are bad luck and can make your home less peaceful, even if they are cute and in style.

The one and only exception? Roses, whose thorny branches don’t seem to be able to kill the beautiful energy that comes from the flowers.


Don’t bring home bonsai trees

Although bonsai trees are small and adorable, they should be seen from a distance. While they may have a “zen” appeal, they really reflect stunted growth that never reaches its full potential.

To keep positive energy flowing around your most successful self, you can put a tall, broad, leafy green living plant in your home, like a pachira aquatica, also called a “money tree.”

Replace Withered or Dying plants

Healthy plants emanate life and improve the chi in your environment. Don’t leave dried-up, dead plants on display if you want a dynamic environment full of positive energy. Plants that have withered or died deplete the energy in your house.

Consider a self-watering planter to keep your plants healthy if you don’t have a green thumb. You should also consider some easy-to-grow plants.

An open umbrella

It is commonly believed that opening an umbrella indoors brings bad luck. Indoor umbrella precautions stretch back longer than you would think—all the way to ancient Egypt.

Bringing any object designed to protect you from the weather into your home was considered insulting to the guardian spirits that kept watch over your home in ancient times. In other words, you’re saying the guardians’ protection isn’t enough. Since then, people have been told not to open an umbrella inside because it might make a jealous spirit angry.

Whether an umbrella in the house is bad luck or not is debatable, but you should still be careful with it because you could poke one’s eye out with it.

Throw out items with negative associations

The purpose of feng shui is to enhance well-being by surrounding yourself with positive energy. Keeping things around that make you think of bad things every time you see them doesn’t add to the overall good vibe of your home. So, if you’re keeping crutches from a prior injury at the back of your closet, you should get rid of them right now.

On the other hand, keeping valuables that elicit pleasant sentiments in a box or chest is a good idea.


If dead plants are thought to bring negative energy into a home, you can guarantee that dead animals are a no-no as well. Do you want that dead deer head to welcome your guests?

Even homeowners who do not believe in superstition may want to reconsider exhibiting taxidermy in their houses, as it may deter potential purchasers. It is common to see taxidermy in haunted houses all over the world.

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Things you Should not Keep at Home According to Feng Shui - Taxidermy
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 An outdated calendar

Keeping an outdated calendar on display in your home is considered to bring bad luck, just like broken clocks. Feng shui says that if you use a time-keeping device incorrectly, it could bring you bad luck, stop you from being successful, or even shorten your life. If you prefer to be safe, make sure your home calendar is up to date.

Illegal items.

This is the important one. You put your good feng shui in danger if you have stolen or illegal objects, such as narcotics or pornography. These items create a lot of bad energy and have no place in a feng shui-friendly house. Make sure your house doesn’t have anything illegal, immoral, or negative that will hurt the good energy in it. 

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Also, Keep the Following in Mind

Keep the Entrance Clear.

Shoes, jackets, luggage, backpacks, children’s sporting equipment—the list goes on and on, but why bother? You know, all of the items that tend to pile by the front entrance. However, clearing it is necessary if you want positive energy in your home.

Putting items from the entryway in an accent cabinet can help the flow of energy, which can have a positive effect on your income and relationships. It will not only keep everything in its place, but it will also look nice in your house.

Keep Toilet Lid Closed

It’s simple: just keep it closed! The toilet’s opening is similar to a drain, and exposing it might result in the loss of good fortune. It’s also more appealing to look at when you go into the bathroom.

Remove the Clutter

The removal of unnecessary items is a must for positive vibrations. Your qi will get stuck in a cluttered space, and the flow of energy will be blocked.

By getting rid of stuff you don’t need, you’ll be revitalizing and improving your home without even knowing the feng shui guidelines.

Experts can assist with large projects as well as any blind spots you may have.

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Things you Should not Keep at Home According to Feng Shui - Remove the Clutter
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Remove Damaged Kitchenware

When you use broken dishes to eat off of and scratched pans to cook with, it can hurt your health and make you poor. Chipped cups, plates, and bowls, as well as dented silverware and cooking tools, should be thrown away.

Repair any broken things

When it comes to feng shui, damaged things are bad, but broken ones are much worse. Broken objects are synonymous with being broke and having less financial vitality.

Simply because something is broken does not mean it should be discarded; rather, it should be repaired as soon as possible. If you look at a broken thing every day, you will start to feel like you are broken or can’t be fixed.

Repair Running Taps

If any of your house’s taps do not stop running, have them fixed as soon as possible. Constant running water is not only a waste of water, but it is also a waste of money. Wealth and prosperity are best symbolized by containers full of water.

Get Rid of Bad Odors

A tidy home is conducive to excellent feng shui. However, even a spotless home with unpleasant odors will have poor feng shui. Never try to mask smells. Instead, seek to locate the cause of the smells so that they can be eradicated.

Odors are usually caused by things like water leaks, sewage problems, pet urine, old air conditioner filters, moldy air ducts, and not enough air flow.

Every home should be completely aired out on a regular basis. Houses that are never aired out retain musty smells, which lowers the feng shui of your home and presses down the good energy. 

The purpose of feng shui is to create situations that promote yin and yang energy balance and chi circulation. But if you do have some of these things in your home, the bad energy they give off is never too much to handle. Instead, you may use feng shui cures to restore energy and bring positive vibes into your home and life.

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