How to Attract Wealth and Prosperity in Your Home Using Feng Shui

How to Attract Wealth and Prosperity in Your Home Using Feng Shui

One of the most prominent feng shui subjects is wealth. As a result, numerous diverse tactics have been developed to attract it since ancient times. Wealth isn’t simply about having money; it may take many other forms. Friendships, luck, opportunities, and much more are all part of wealth and prosperity.

Feng Shui does not bring someone money or fortune; rather, it creates an atmosphere at home and at work that offers you support and the power to attract energies of wealth and prosperity.

The lovely aspect of feng shui is that when you deal with wealth, you attract all forms of well-being. And in exchange, you may express thanks for all of your good fortune.

There are many simple and easy ways to bring in money and wealth. From setting up spaces in your home to utilizing wealth symbols.  These are a few of the tasks that are simple to complete.

Arranging Spaces in Your Home to Attract Wealth

Here are some tips on how to arrange the spaces in your home to create an environment that attracts the energies of wealth, money, and prosperity.

Clean and Declutter Your Home

Bring to your mind a wealthy house. How do you imagine it? Clean or dirty? Full of clutter or tidy?

While a clean house is imperative for good hygiene, cleaning and decluttering your house is the beginning of making your house a wealth and money magnet.

But you must do it with intention. Clean and declutter your house while imagining that this action will open avenues for wealth to flow into your home. Consider it as a ritual.

It’s a basic guideline, but one that’s crucial to financial success. Remove all sorts of clutter from your home, particularly on the southeast corner.

Furthermore, damaged items in a home drain the positive energy from the entire space. So, if you want to produce a nice, positive vibe in your living environment, make a point of checking your home for damaged items and replacing or repairing them. If your faucets are leaking, it is time to fix them since leakage represents a loss.

Keep Your Bathroom Door Closed

The bathroom is a location where water, which represents money, enters and exits. The location of the bathroom is essential in Feng Shui. People risk suffering from health problems and financial losses if the toilet is visible from the front door.

Place a large plant in front of the bathroom to block the view from the entryway, or cover the bathroom with a solid or beaded curtain. Keep the restroom door closed and the lid down at all times to ensure proper hygiene and avoid money leaks.

Activating the Southeast Sector of Your Home

When looking for feng shui treatments for a lack of money, start with the southeast area of your home. This is the area that controls the flow of money. You want to make sure that nothing gets in the way of the auspicious chi energy in this part of your home.

You may activate the southeast area of your house to attract wealth and financial prosperity by incorporating some wood elements, such as the jade plant, and supplementing them with water elements to boost their growth. However, be sure that the water element is flowing into your home rather than out. You may also decorate with light green colors, rectangular forms, and lucky charms such as Chinese coins tied up with a red ribbon or a three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth.

Create a Wealth Corner
Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

Create a Wealth Corner

The simplest approach to attracting wealth into your life using feng shui is to discover and intentionally design your home’s feng shui wealth corner.

The “wealth corner” in feng shui is the location in any home, workplace, or room that corresponds to the energy of prosperity. According to feng shui, placing specific things in this location will help you attract more wealth-energy into your life.

To find the wealth sector of your home, stand in front of the formal front door and look for the far left corner.

You can also limit your work to a room’s wealth area. In this situation, you would stand outside the room’s main door, looking inside. The far left corner of the room or workspace is the wealth corner.

This section ought to be the most well-organized and elegant. To activate your home’s wealth corner, use the following elements:

  • Purple accessories, paint, or furniture should be used.
  • Living green houseplants or a lucky bamboo will increase your fortune.
  • Include water features, such as a water fountain or pictures of water.
  • To make this area brighter, add table or floor lights. In order to energize the space, keep the lights on for at least five hours each day.
  • Wood artifacts
  • Chinese lucky coins
  • A three-legged money frog.
  • Feng Shui gemstones.

According to Feng Shui, activating the room’s wealth corner would attract wealth into your home.

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Make Your Front Door a Positive Energy Magnet

Any home’s entrance serves as its “face” by depicting what visitors might expect to find inside. So, it makes sense to create an entryway that invites good vibes. The notion is that you want money to flow easily through your front door, so you want the road to your entrance to be clear. Make sure the area is spacious and pleasant, and check to see that the door opens and closes freely. Furthermore,

  • Regular deep cleaning of the whole entrance area.
  • Pay close attention to the door frame, door number, handle, and other features that are sometimes overlooked.
  • Put a clean welcome mat at your door to make sure that resources and energy are flowing well through your home.
  • At least once each day, make sure to enter via your formal front door.
  • You may also add a few plants to your entryway, but not too many.

Keep your Stove in Good Condition

In feng shui, the stove represents your wealth and resources. If we can properly prepare food and nurture our bodies, we can also present ourselves to the world in the best possible manner.

Keep your stove in good working order to increase your prosperity. Check that all of the burners are operational and that the appliance is clean. You should also utilize the stove daily to stimulate your fire energy in order to attract abundance.

We frequently fall into the habit of automatically selecting our “favorite” burner. Instead, try something else. In order to keep your mind and energy open to new possibilities, try using a different burner on the stove each time you cook.

7 Lucky Plants for Your Home According to Feng Shui
Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

Decorate Your Home with Plants

Because they are energy sensitive, plants can tell you a lot about the energy in your house. When your plants are lush and blossoming, it is an indication of a healthy and plentiful energy flow in your house. However, if your plants are turning brown, drooping, or dead, it is an indication that the energy in your home is poor and stagnant.

Several different kinds of money plants provide the foundation for incoming wealth in your home. Some of them are,

Chinese Money Plants

The Chinese Money Plant, Pilea Pepermioides, has coin-shaped leaves that attract prosperity to your home. It is a low-maintenance houseplant that thrives in a sunny spot near a window.

The Jade Plant

Round Jade plants’ leaves are considered lucky and prosperous according to Feng Shui concepts. This plant grows slowly, which is the sort of growth we want in our money.

The Money Tree

Money Tree, also known as Pachira Aquatica, is thought to bring good luck and positive energy. This plant is also claimed to alleviate tension and anxiety. It grows well in indirect natural sunlight and requires little watering.

African Violet

African violets are indoor plants with fuzzy-shaped leaves that produce clusters of white, blue, or purple flowers. Select a plant with purple flowers, which are symbolic of abundance.

The Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is a symbol of abundance due to its enormous, glossy leaves. It has a purple color that is associated with wealth in Feng Shui.

By having these plants in your house, you will undoubtedly welcome prosperity and success.


  • Try to stay away from using potpourri or dried, dead plants. It’s said that as flowers dry up, they lose their chi and take the life force from the home.
  • Bonsai trees are also a bad idea. This is due to the fact that bonsai trees are kept tiny and are not allowed to grow to their full potential. Therefore, they may not be the greatest metaphor for the people of the home.
  • Cacti are also not good. Placement of cactus plants in the living room, bedrooms, or front entry might transform it into a location of conflict, according to fundamental Feng Shui principles. However, they may be used outside as they provide protection.

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Use Symbols of Wealth

To enhance the attraction of wealth in your home, you can use these Feng shui wealth symbols.

Aquarium for Abundance

In feng shui, water, and especially aquariums, are auspicious. They are considered to deliver a balanced mix of wealth-attracting elements. Aside from being visually appealing, aquariums are supposed to magnify energy in any area, attracting more affluence and prosperity.

Symbols of Wealth - Aquarium for Abundance
Image by Harald Funken from Pixabay

Having an odd number of fish is recommended by several feng shui guides because it stimulates movement. Even numbers indicate stagnation and lack of movement.

Regarding stagnation, you must take great care to have filters in place and air being pumped through the tank in order to keep the water from turning dirty, which would work against you and negate the purpose of the cure altogether.

In addition, the aquarium should be proportional to the size of the space in which it is placed. A large aquarium in a smaller area may overwhelm the environment with too much water energy, necessitating a separate remedy.

Gold is the color of wealth and prosperity, so Chinese people often keep eight goldfish and one black fish in the tank. On the other hand, carp are very lucky fish, and the flowerhorn fish is the best one for bringing in money.

Consider a tiny fish bowl if you don’t have enough room for an aquarium. However, without adequate air circulation and water filtration, the bad karma gained from putting a living creature in such a setting may far exceed any benefit gained from the cure. So, it’s better to keep a full aquarium with filters and everything.

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Citrine Crystal

Citrine is known as the “stone of light and happiness.” It is also claimed to promote the energy of abundance and wealth. This bright gold-colored quartz not only helps you get more money, but it also helps you keep getting more money. Because it does not retain bad energy, it is one of the few crystals that can clean itself. So, it makes it possible for money, good health, and happiness to come into your life.

Try placing citrine in your home’s wealth corner or on a window sill, and keep it in your wallet for a boost to your finances. Feng Shui gem trees with citrine can also be used.

Water Fountain

A fountain with flowing water is seen as a symbol of riches in Feng Shui. Make sure the fountain is clean and in good condition, and that the water flows toward the middle of your house.

If you choose to install an external fountain, you should place it at the front of your home, with the water flowing toward the front entrance. As soon as the fountain is installed, ensure that the water is flowing and place 27 coins inside of it to assist in activating the water energy using the metal element of the coins.

Money Frog

The Money Frog, which is also called the Three-Legged Toad, can be used to restore money luck. It can be made of jade, metal, or any other stone. Make sure the toad has a coin in its mouth, then position it in a visible area on a desk, table, or bookshelf that faces the room. You would definitely bring a lot of wealth and abundance into your home.

Symbols of Wealth - Money Frog
Image by Andre Figueiredo from Pixabay

Bowl of Oranges

In feng shui, oranges represent abundance and good fortune. Even the smell of oranges is energizing and vivid. To attract wealth and positive energy into your home, place a bowl of fresh oranges in the kitchen or living room.

Chinese Lucky Coins

Chinese coins (round with a square hole in the center) symbolize the unity of earth and heaven. One side represents yin (two characters), while the other represents yang (four characters).

You may display these in your house by hanging them on the wall, framing them, or just arranging them on any surface. You can even just put them somewhere out of sight as long as you know where they are. All you need to do is make sure the yang side—the side with the four characters—is facing upward. Another traditional method for keeping these coins is in your wallet, commonly with three coins tied together with a red ribbon.

Feng Shui Tortoise

This legendary creature is used as a traditional Feng Shui cure for financial security and good fortune. It is a turtle with the head of a dragon, and it is often depicted on a bed of coins while holding a coin in its mouth. Glass, resins, clay, metals, wood, and crystals are commonly used to create these tortoises.

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The Laughing Buddha
Image by Robert Fotograf from Pixabay

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha is a Feng Shui treatment for good health, happiness, success, luck, and prosperity. Its laughter is thought to bring happiness and good fortune to homes. It also helps to balance, energize, and heal several aspects of your life. Frequently shown with gold ingots, a Wu Lou (another symbol of good health, long life, and prosperity), a treasure sack, and occasionally surrounded by children. Place it in the eastern direction of your house or facing the front door for optimal benefits.

Crystal Lotus

A Crystal Lotus has the amazing capacity to offer you good luck and significantly boost your financial luck. Additionally, it brings luck to those looking for love. To attract positive energy, place it in the southwest corner near a window.

Wealth ship

An excellent wealth cure is the money ship. It is believed that a wealth ship, whose sails are filled with auspicious winds, may cross the seven seas and deliver riches to its owner.

Choose a ship that has sails but no weaponry, such as cannons. Fill the ship’s deck with gold ingots, real money, gemstones, and other monetary symbols, including a treasure chest. Then put the ship in various places; having more than one ship allows you to generate several streams of revenue.

For example, you can place your money ship at the front door, in the southeast sector, or in your wealth corner, so that it looks like it is sailing into your house.

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Wealth Ship

Create a Wealth Vase

The Feng Shui wealth vase acts as a money magnet. It is thought to draw wealth energy into your home and make it stronger. Wealth vases are historically crafted in Tibetan Buddhist temples, however, similar vases are now widely available. Ideally, you should select one that has an oriental appearance.

Use a ceramic vase, like a ginger jar, that has a wide opening, a narrow neck (so money can’t get out), a wide base, and a cup. (Learn, How to make a Feng Shui Wealth Vase to Attract Wealth and Prosperity)

While there are a number of particular things you may do to create your own wealth vase, the core element is to make it with the definite intention of attracting wealth and to fill it with objects that are symbols of wealth, good fortune, and prosperity. You should also keep it hidden.

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Generosity the Cause of Wealth

Finally, keep in mind that, according to Buddhism, the foundation of wealth is generosity. So create a way for money to come in and go out. You must create space for more!

Good intentions are necessary before you can attract good fortune. A better outcome may be expected from those with the purest of motives. For example, if you donate money to a charity in the hope that it will help their purpose, that is a better incentive than giving it for tax advantages. Both actions are good, but the first one is much better because it was done with good intentions. The motive should be as selfless as possible.

If you cannot afford to be financially giving, you may be generous with your time, love, and support. The more generous you are and the more sincere your intentions, the more seeds of wealth are planted. As they grow, you may develop a flow of money that will benefit many people while also planting new seeds of wealth.

This is, of course, a Buddhist point of view, and you can choose to accept it or not. The key is that feng shui is effective regardless of your worldview, so whether you’re religious, atheist, or agnostic, you may benefit from its use.

Generosity the Cause of Wealth
Image by Heather from Pixabay

When and How You Will Get Results

How can we tell whether feng shui has affected our wealth and prosperity? We have a broad concept of our situation and whether it is continuously improving or not. There are moments when we feel as though there is some unforeseen barrier standing in the way of what we want to do.

When you employ feng shui, the barrier is lifted or another unexpectedly positive outcome occurs. Because the outcome is sometimes subtle or concealed, you may not always notice the potential advantage right away. You can even miss it totally because of a bias or habit that causes you to search elsewhere for opportunities. Often, though, the difference is undeniable.

Some water features might result in unexpected wealth within nine days. But in most cases, you may anticipate seeing an outcome within a few months.

Summing Up

Building wealth and prosperity is only one aspect of feng shui. It is also about making your life easier and drawing more harmonious energy into your surroundings. When given enough time, the way these living and non-living things are put together creates a subconscious effect. And the more you cultivate them, the more good results you’ll notice in your own life.

While some advice could work right away, others might take some time. Being patient and not dwelling on it constantly is the most vital step. Simply following these Feng Shui guidelines will allow energy to flow where it is needed, assisting in the purification and balance of your home and environment. 

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