Chinese Symbol of Strength – Characters, Symbolic Animals and How to Use It in Feng Shui

Chinese Symbol of Strength

The Chinese symbol for strength is one of the numerous symbols that Westerners commonly employ in various forms of art today. Strength is a necessary quality in life, but it does not always come easy. It may be tough to find strength within oneself during a stressful period. Even if everything is OK, you may be looking for more strength to follow your ambitions.

For Chinese people, strength and power are highly valued and conveyed through a variety of symbols, characters, animals, and proverbs. So, there is more than one Chinese symbol for strength.

The stories behind different symbols of strength are diverse. Every symbol has a certain meaning since every narrative is different. The symbol that speaks to you the most may be for a variety of reasons. Its true history, appearance, or the fact that you frequently see it may all appeal to you.

We will talk about the Chinese symbol of strength in all its forms in this article. It has been a significant symbol for hundreds of years, and the Chinese people really respect it.

Chinese Character for Strength:

The Chinese character (lì) 🔊 stands for strength and power. Upon closer inspection, it can be seen that the symbol resembles a plowing tool. The top of the symbol resembles a plow handle, while the bottom resembles a plowshare. A vertical stroke runs across the graphic, resembling the location of your foot.

Using a plow demands a significant amount of strength. As a result, the sign derives its meaning from the process of plowing, which demands a great deal of strength.

They were traditionally used as home decorations. These days, you can find them on everything from T-shirts to posters. Furthermore, the Chinese symbol for strength is commonly employed as a tattoo design.

Compound words with the symbol of strength

Daily conversational Chinese often involves the usage of two-syllable words.  It is common to mix the character with other characters to create new words. Let’s look at a few of them.

Text Chinese pinyin Meaning Audio
力量 Lì liàng Physical strength, force, or ability to do 🔊
大力 Dà lì Great strength 🔊
威力 Wēi lì Mighty power 🔊
活力 Huó lì Vitality , life force 🔊
潛力 Qián lì Potential, hidden force 🔊
內力 Nèi lì Inner strength 🔊
磁力 Cí lì Magnetic attraction 🔊
壓力 Yā lì Pressure, stress 🔊
定力 Dìng lì Willpower 🔊
權力 Quán lì Authority 🔊
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Chinese idiomatic expression with the symbol of strength –

Here are some idiomatic expressions associated with the symbol (character) of strength and power:

Characters Pinyin Translation Meaning
力不从心 lì bù cóng xīn “strength unable to follow the heart” The body is weak, but the spirit is willing.
力大无穷 lì dà wú qióng “boundless strength” True strength has no bounds.
力挽狂澜 lì wǎn kuáng lán “to pull back a raging wave” Working hard to avoid a terrible situation.
chinese symbol of strength
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Plants and Animals Symbolizing Strength and Power in Chinese Culture

Many Chinese symbols represent strength. Different animals and plants, for example, are also linked to ideas of power and strength. The following are some of the most prominent examples:

Dragon: 龙 (lóng)

The dragon is a well-known symbol. It symbolizes ultimate power, strength, and wealth. Dragons are also said to be guardians and bring good fortune. Because it was regarded as a protector of heaven and was connected to the Emperor in ancient China, this animal is commonly depicted in Chinese art.

Phoenix: 凤凰 (fèng huáng)

While the phoenix is often linked with elegance and beauty, it also signifies power and perseverance. This mythical animal, which emerges from the ashes, represents rebirth and perseverance in the face of difficulty.

Tiger: 虎 (hǔ)

Another prominent symbol of strength is the tiger. The tiger is revered as a formidable animal in many civilizations. Tigers represent strength and bravery. It also represents protection and a dominant presence.

Tiger Tattoo
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Crane: 鹤 (hè)

The crane represents longevity and strength. It is thought to have the ability to carry souls to heaven in Chinese mythology.

Lotus flower: 莲花 (liánhuā)

Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Hinduism all place a strong emphasis on the Lotus Flower. It’s a type of aquatic plant that thrives in murky water. Despite this, the lotus flower blooms without stains. The challenges it faces on its journey to the surface serve as a metaphor for the challenges people experience while pursuing their dreams or finding success.

Regardless of where it comes from, it produces gorgeous blossoms with no damage. Exactly like people. We learn from our “murky” experiences and emerge stronger than before. The lotus flower also blooms at sunrise, signaling that each new day is a new beginning.

Feng Shui Applications of the Chinese Symbol for Strength.

There is more to the Chinese character for strength in Feng Shui than just the textual form. It includes the use of color, personal symbolism, and compass-based arrangement, as well as materials and forms.

One prominent use is the idea of boosting power and strength in personal or business-related efforts. Another is to build environments that reinforce your personal authority and reputation in the eyes of people when they visit your business’s area. Decoration with symbols of strength may also be utilized to encourage cooperation and the sense of working together to achieve a common goal.

The most straightforward way to incorporate the Chinese sign for strength into Feng Shui is to utilize the character for strength, 力 Li. When the strength character is incorporated into décor, it acts as a subconscious and conscious reminder that the area it is located in is one of strength, which empowers the inhabitants.

Let’s see some feng shui applications of the Chinese symbols of strength in home and business.

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Feng Shui Applications of Chinese Strength Symbols at Home

A feng shui application of strength symbols can be in the bedroom. People in China believe that the Red Phoenix of the South rules strong emotions and passion. Putting the master bedroom in the southern part of the house and arranging it with red pillows and illustrations of red birds is a great way to use the symbol of strength in passion. This would bring in power symbols and colors without overwhelming the environment.

Strength Symbols in Home Office

A home office may be a place of strength as well as change. Depending on the job and dedication to working from home, the home office may be ideally located in the northern part of the house, the region of career and life path.

The Chinese character for strength, , mountains, or scenery of crashing waves are examples of symbols of strength that may be used in artwork or décor. Symbols of powerful water activity might be utilized to channel energy into professional changes, such as a shift to a more businesslike and independent career path.

Chinese Symbol of Strength

Feng Shui Applications of Chinese Strength Symbols in Business

Usually, Feng Shui is not as simple or one-dimensional as just arranging a character in a room. Feng Shui applications enhance the flow of positive energy in an area on multiple levels. Mirrors are a classic Feng Shui technique for reflecting positive energy into every part of a room. What we show others shows how we see ourselves.

In a conference room, a mirror with the  Li symbol on the frame can be put on the wall opposite the speaker. This enables speakers to observe how their audience views them. Presenters can then ensure that they project a confident and capable impression on attendees of the meeting. This boosts the speaker’s confidence and helps him or her perform better.

The frame of the mirror should have a bold color, such as red. A strong subliminal reinforcement of strength, power, and skill is given to the person who sees themselves mirrored in a mirror when a power color is combined with the Li symbol.

North and South Placement of Chinese Strength Symbols

The south indicates the area of fame and reputation, whereas the north represents the area of career. Hence, Chinese symbols of strength belong in the southern section of a corporate structure. Personal offices, on the other hand, should be located in the northern section of the building, reinforced with symbols that are important to each occupant and represent her or his position in the company’s hierarchy.

Feng Shui Office Decor
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Feng Shui Uses of Animal Symbols of Strength in Business

The Dragon

In Feng Shui, the dragon is often seen as a sign of strength. The dragon is strong both physically and mentally because it is very old and has learned a lot. Dragons are frequently red or red on a gold background. The latter is particularly appropriate for business decor rather than household decorations.

Silver and gold, for example, are metal colors that promote positive energy flow in economics and business. In terms of popularity and reputation, red is the color of strength. Hence, an executive who has a painting or hanging of a gold dragon on a red backdrop behind him or next to his desk communicates to everyone sitting across the desk those traits of the dragon as a part of his personality.

The Horse

Horses are another example of decor and artwork from a strength perspective. The idea of strength and power in motion is conveyed by images of horses running. This creative theme may be used in corporate areas where decisions must be taken and prompt action is required. Using red again as a symbol of intense emotion and motivation, artwork of galloping red horses illustrates the power of coordinated group effort.

How to Type the Chinese Symbol of Strength On Your Keyboard

You may easily copy and paste the text symbol for strength in Chinese on any website, social networking platform, or other platform. The table below shows the different codes for this symbol.

Unicode U+529B
Alt Code 21147
CSS Code \529B
Dec Code &#21147
Hex Code &#x529B

The Alt Code on your keyboard may be used to type the Chinese strength symbol.

Here’s how:

  1. Make sure the “Num Lock” on the keyboard is turned on, and then write the code using the Numpad rather than the upper row.
  2. Hold down the left Alt key on your keyboard.
  3. Enter the Alt code 21147, then release the Alt key.
  4. The symbol appears once you release the Alt key.

End Words

The letter , which stands for strength in Chinese, has profound cultural and symbolic significance throughout Chinese history. The variety of compound phrases and idiomatic expressions linked with this symbol broadens its meanings and reflects the complex character of strength in Chinese culture.

Animals and symbols like the dragon, phoenix, tiger, crane, and lotus flower, as well as the use of the symbol in Feng Shui, show how important strength is in many areas of Chinese life. These symbols reflect not just physical strength but also perseverance, renewal, and the capacity to overcome hardship.

Although the principles of Feng Shui, which focus on balancing energy flows, may not make complete sense to everybody, many schools of architecture and interior design make use of similar ideas of psychological reinforcement and symbolism. Whatever you name it, employing the Chinese symbol of strength in a Feng Shui application may be advantageous, even if the effect is subconscious.

The Chinese symbol of strength is, in essence, a powerful cultural symbol that transcends language barriers and is used to inspire and mentor people on their journeys. It serves as a constant reminder that strength is more than just a physical characteristic; it is a force that has the ability to shape destinies and promote positive change.

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