Ladybug Symbolism in Chinese Culture and How to Use it as Feng Shui Symbol

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Even though ladybugs are native to North America, their symbolism has reached all corners of the world and is well respected. They are seen as positive omens and indicators of good luck all across the world.

Ladybugs, unlike other insects, are typically seen as clean, unharmful, and adorable due to their rounded form and dotted spots over a colorful background.

In Chinese, “ladybug” is called 擢蟲/瓢虫 (piáo chóng). 矲/虫 denotes an insect or bug, while 瓢 denotes a ladle. Why then did the phrase “ladybug” come from the combination of ladle and insect? The body of the ladybug has a domed form that, when turned upside down, resembles the bowl of a culinary ladle. Did it make sense?

Red ladybugs with black spots are the most common, although they come in a variety of colors and the number of dots varies according to the species.

Ladybirds are another name for them. Both names are correct; however, they are used differently on different continents. In the United States, for instance, the name “ladybird” is proper, while in other English-speaking nations, “ladybug” is used.

Ladybugs have long been connected with blessings and wealth for anyone who comes into contact with them. Also, because they can protect against harm and keep evil away, they are said to be great life protectors.

Every facet of Chinese culture, from the agricultural customs to the adaptations made to contemporary Chinese society, reflects the appealing qualities of these fascinating insects.

Let’s look more closely at the interesting world of ladybugs in Chinese culture and Feng shui. We’ll talk about their symbolism and how to use this symbol in feng shui.

Ladybugs in Chinese Culture

Ladybugs are linked to luck, wealth, romance, and love in Chinese culture. In Buddhism, ladybugs are symbols of inner peace, healing, and a link to the concepts of mindfulness.

In many cultures, the color red of ladybugs stands for happiness and joy, and their appearance is linked to dreams coming true and good news arriving.

They are frequently used in wedding and other event decorations. As a sign of a happy and successful marriage, they are often given as gifts to couples. During New Year’s festivities, people wear ladybugs as a sign of wealth and happiness. They may also wear ladybug amulets or charms as personal talismans for good fortune and protection. Ladybugs are also said to bring good fortune and wealth to businesses and households.

In modern Chinese art, ladybugs are depicted in paintings, ceramics, and fabrics, perpetuating the culture’s love affair with these cherished insects. They may be seen on several Chinese buildings, most notably the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, where legend has it that there is one for every person on the planet.

What does a ladybug symbolize?

Here is the main symbolism of ladybugs:

Luck and prosperity

In Chinese tradition, ladybugs are symbols of prosperity and good fortune. Your luck increases with the number of spots on the insect; if you find one with seven spots, it will fulfill your desire.

In the event that a ladybug lands on you, take notes on the number of spots it has. It stands for the total number of months you will have good fortune. Some even believe that the brighter the color of the ladybug, the greater the luck. Others believed that if you caught a ladybug, you could make a wish come true.

Ladybugs are a common symbol for those who are attempting to conceive or launch a new business, as they are also connected to fertility and abundance.


Ladybugs are said to be defenders against bad luck and negative energy. As a result, anyone who comes into contact with them is protected from harm.

Ladybugs play an important function as natural pest controls in Chinese agriculture. These powerful predators have a great hunger for aphids and other hazardous pests that can ruin crops. Consequently, farmers view ladybugs as partners in protecting their agricultural attempts and guaranteeing abundant harvests, and they frequently invite them into their fields.

In the same way, ladybugs are seen as guards in Chinese houses who keep out invaders and bad energies. The simple existence of a ladybug within the walls of a house is considered a good sign, a guarantee that the family is safe.

Romance and love

A Chinese tale says that seeing a ladybug means that real love is on the way or that a relationship will get better. The tradition has developed over time to include the prediction that the spots on the ladybug’s back will also indicate the number of months that will go until the person who sees the omen is reunited with their beloved.

Couples who meet ladybugs together are said to be blessed with eternal love and harmony. There is a notion among married couples that ladybug symbolism affects the number of children they will have. Therefore, the number of spots on a ladybug that a married couple finds will indicate how many kids they will have together.

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Ladybug Colors: Symbolism and Meaning

Ladybugs come in a variety of colors, each with a deeper meaning. Ladybugs aren’t generally red and black with spots, as we may believe. Their colors might differ somewhat from one another. Each color of the ladybug represents different things.

Red Ladybugs

Red is the color most commonly associated with good fortune when it comes to ladybugs. The Chinese associated these bugs with wealth. Because “red” is a lucky color for them and represents prosperity. As a result, the Chinese see these bugs as a good omen and anticipate that they will bring them wealth.

Orange Ladybugs

Orange ladybugs are said to bring wealth and luck. It is thought that seeing an orange ladybug before a significant event or undertaking is a good omen that the outcome will be beneficial.

Orange ladybugs also represent happiness, vigor, and enthusiasm for life. Orange represents the fire element, which is typically associated with energy and brightness and is related to excitement, creativity, and an optimistic perspective. Seeing an orange ladybug may indicate that you should focus on living in the now and direct your energy toward an expectation that is hopeful, enthusiastic, and beneficial.

Yellow Ladybugs

Yellow represents warmth, optimism, and mental clarity. The ladybug’s golden color represents warmth and good vibes. Its back spots are thought to signify perseverance, endurance, and compassion. We can use it to make our lives more peaceful, joyful, and delightful.

Brown Ladybugs

Although not widely mentioned, brown ladybugs can serve as a sign of grounding and stability. Their earthy color serves as a gentle reminder to remember who we are and to be aware of our relationships with the wider environment.

Black Ladybugs

Black is connected to the unknown and the hidden. Therefore, a solid black ladybug might indicate a time of significant internal change and metamorphosis. The symbolic value of the black ladybug could be linked to a trip inside one’s own soul, illuminating facets of oneself that were previously concealed or ignored.

If you see a solid black ladybug, it may be a strong warning to accept your shadows, face your fears and unresolved feelings, and move forward bravely in life.

Spotless Ladybugs

Ladybugs that don’t have any spots on their bodies stand for purity and new beginnings. They stand for a blank canvas, a new beginning, and the possibility of development and change. Spotless ladybugs carry the message of regeneration and the chance to embark on new adventures.

Conversely, a ladybug lacking spots is seen as a portent of bad fate in some cultures.

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What does it mean when a ladybug lands on you?

We may try to stay away from every other bug in the world, but ladybugs are different. Given that ladybugs are believed to contribute to the health and growth of plants, it is said that a ladybug landing on you represents abundance and good fortune.

Therefore, if you happen to come into contact with a ladybug, it is a sign that your lucky time for peace, prosperity, and love is almost here. Keep your energy up and count the ladybug’s spots to experience complete joy. As a married couple, you can find out how many children you will have.

Anytime ladybugs land on your things, it means you will get more of those things in the future. However, you must be grateful for what you currently have and be open-minded as you anticipate good fortune.

Is it good luck to have a ladybug in your house?

It’s thought that discovering a ladybug in your home will bring you luck with money, love, and abundance. Because ladybugs are associated with abundant harvests, they are considered a lucky symbol for project success and growth in businesses. Move your ladybug outdoors with care, ideally placing it on a leaf so it may fly away safely, to maintain the positive energy it brings.

While a few ladybugs in your home might make you feel positive about your fortune, a ladybug infestation is not regarded as good feng shui. Anything in excess destroys positive chi energy. Getting rid of the ladybugs in a gentle way will help you avoid any bad feng shui effects.

Ladybug in Feng Shui

Even though ladybugs are not native to China, they have made their way into Western Feng Shui practices due to the good luck they represent. When it comes to feng shui, they are symbols of wealth, prosperity, and protection. They bring luck to the places where they are seen, especially at home or at the office. When they fly inside your house through an open door or window, it also represents good luck.

Additionally, ladybugs provide delight to all who view them and symbolize love and passion in ancient Chinese art.

Feng shui uses ladybug decorations, paintings, and charms to promote luck, true love, calm, and happiness. This is especially true for red ladybugs, as red is considered an auspicious color.

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How to use Ladybug in Feng Shui

There are several ways to use the ladybug symbol in Feng Shui designs. Here are a few examples:

  • Ladybug artwork or statues are ideal additions to the wealth sector in your house since ladybugs are recognized for their abundance of luck.
  • A happy and loving relationship is said to be attracted by placing a pair of ladybug figurines in your bedroom’s “love corner,” as ladybugs are also connected to love and relationships. Especially when seen in pairs.
  • Because red is a feng shui color for your home’s love and relationship sector, the red and black ladybugs will generate positive love energy there.
  • Putting ladybug figures or pictures around the house or office can keep bad energy away and bring good luck.
  • The fire element represents your kitchen, which is ignited by the color red. Ladybug designs can be utilized to reinforce this theme in kitchen linens and art.
  • Because of their fortunate nature, ladybugs bring a happy and good spirit to children’s rooms.
  • Ladybug charms, such as keychains, necklaces, bracelets, and children’s charm toys, can also be used.

Because the Feng Shui principle states that all household items and patterns should work together harmoniously to maintain balance and regulate the flow of chi energy in a continuous process, make sure the location where you plan to place the ladybug element makes sense and aligns with the other Feng Shui designs.

Incorrect placement of ladybug symbols might have an opposite or inverse impact. Similarly, avoid overcrowding your space with ladybird symbols, as anything in excess can cause an imbalance.

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What Will Happen If I Kill a Ladybug?

Killing a ladybug might bring bad luck for a while. It is thought that the origin of this belief stems from the fact that many farmers depend on these insects to help manage aphid populations and control other insect pests.

Because of its good impact on pest management on farms, the ladybug is recognized as an effective crop guardian. Therefore, if you kill a ladybug, you will likely have bad luck for nine days straight.

End Words

Ladybugs possess profound symbolism in numerous cultures, including Chinese culture, which emphasizes their significance as carriers of good fortune, wealth, and protection due to their captivating nature and lively behavior.

Given their significance in Feng Shui and their representation in art and culture, ladybugs are beloved symbols of abundance, love, and positive energies.

Understanding the many meanings associated with ladybug colors adds complexity to their symbolic readings, making these small beetles effective messengers in both folklore and modern practices.

The appearance of ladybugs continues to bring about hope, happiness, and awe, adding a bit of magic and good luck to China’s culture.

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