The Butterfly as Symbol in Feng Shui and Chinese Culture (Meaning, Legend, Applications)

The Butterfly as Symbol in Feng Shui and Chinese Culture

For generations, the butterfly has been a famous symbol in China. It stands for some of the most significant elements in our life and is a very potent and significant symbol in Feng Shui.

Regardless of any metaphorical significance, objects incorporating butterflies are among the most popular patterns in interior design. Homes may be beautifully decorated with pillows, bed linens, duvets, paintings, lamps, and even little butterfly ornaments.

In this post, we will cover the symbolic significance of butterflies, the legend behind them, and how to incorporate them into your home according to feng shui.

Butterfly Symbolism in Feng Shui

In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, the butterfly is connected with longevity.

The Mandarin term 蝴蝶, pronounced Hu Die, has a phonetic resemblance to the phrase “seventy years.” As a result, it represents a man in his 70s.

When a butterfly is depicted with a cat, it signifies a wish for someone to live to the age of 70 and beyond. This is also why the presence of a lone butterfly might be interpreted as a death omen.

Butterflies are also associated with love and freedom. Some Buddhist legends depict the butterfly as a representation of the “Goddess of Compassion,” Kuan Yin.

The pretty insect is also sometimes shown drinking nectar from the calyx of flowers. This represents femininity.

The combination of butterflies and plum blossoms represents unparalleled beauty and longevity.

A Butterfly in the House: What Does It Mean?

Many believe butterflies are beautiful, symbolic creatures that can transmit powerful visual messages using divine energies. There is more to them than just spirituality; they are also capable of transmitting messages.

Upon entering the home, a butterfly with vibrant colors represents the arrival of romantic good news. While, a dark-colored butterfly indicates that positive news about your job is on its way. Chasing them from the house would be equivalent to rejecting such excellent news.

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A Butterfly in the House: What Does It Mean?
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In Chinese and Japanese mythology, white butterflies represent the spirits of the dead, whereas green butterflies are a representation of life.

Additionally, seeing a butterfly in your home during a month known as “Hungry Ghost Month” is thought to be a sign that a deceased relative is visiting you. So, if you see them during this time of year, don’t kill them to avoid bad luck.

Legend of Butterflies

There is a well-known Chinese tale known as “The Butterfly Lovers”—usually abbreviated to Liang Zhu (梁祝). In the narrative, a little girl named Zhu Yingtai (祝英臺) persuades her father to let her become a scholar. Between 265 and 420 AD, when the narrative takes place, girls in China were strongly discouraged from pursuing scholastic studies. But Zhu’s father gives in, and the girl goes to school dressed as a boy.

Zhu meets Liang Shanbo (梁山伯) on her way to school, and the two of them become friends. They form a strong bond and become inseparable. Zhu eventually reveals her actual identity to Liang. They fall in love, but Zhu’s father has already promised her to another man. Liang dies because his heart is broken, and he is buried.

On the day Zhu is scheduled to wed her arranged husband, strong winds prevent her from being escorted beyond Liang’s tomb. Zhu, in desperation, asks Liang’s grave to open, and it does. She throws herself into the grave, and two butterflies emerge from it, rising into the sky and flying away.

Like Romeo and Juliet, this is a Chinese version of the love narrative. This novel was so captivating that it was adapted into television shows and movies.

How Do You Use the Butterfly Symbol in Feng Shui?

In many ways, using butterflies is like using the bird symbol in feng shui (cranes and bats). The fact that butterflies and birds are both flying freely refers to the profound human desire for a happy, free existence near the heavens. Butterflies have a distinct and alchemical energy quality dependent on the stages of their development.

Having butterflies in your house is a good thing because it brings love into your life.

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Butterfly as a love symbol in Feng Shui
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Butterfly as a Love Symbol in Feng Shui

The butterfly is the most popular symbol utilized as a feng shui remedy for love and romance since it is the most transformational emotion that makes people feel like they are flying.

Using butterflies to adorn master bedrooms is believed to aid in the resolution of relationship issues. Singles in the eastern hemisphere adorn their homes with butterflies in the hopes of finding the love of their dreams.

In Feng Shui, the way the butterfly’s life cycle changes have a special meaning. Their metamorphosis is a result of the external energy of the environment they live in. This transition is sometimes linked to the changes that occur when people fall in love.

As a result, butterflies may be utilized by people looking for love and those who have found it and want to present the world in the most lovely and romantic imaginable way.

Butterflies as a Symbol of Faith

Butterflies represent not just love but also faith and the capacity to maintain it in the face of life’s many changes.

So, once more, the butterfly’s ability to change is an essential part of what they represent. Furthermore, the butterfly represents the desire to achieve great things while being happy and positive in all that you do.

In addition, they reflect the need to allow things to run their natural course, as opposed to battling them continuously. Use butterfly decorations in areas like study or work locations if you wish to be filled with optimism and faith.

Butterflies as a tool for creativity
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Butterflies as a Tool for Creativity

Another reason people use butterflies to decorate is to encourage creativity. In particular, they are employed to foster children’s creativity.

When it comes to decorating a child’s room, butterflies are a great choice since they inspire creativity and freedom. It also allows the children to relax and feel at peace, which promotes their healthy development.

Children may express and develop their creativity in a variety of ways, so it’s vital to let them choose the one that appeals to them the most.

The butterfly symbol also acts as an inspiration tool to stimulate creativity among artists.

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A Unique Gift Idea

A butterfly symbol should be kept in the home of someone who is depressed. This is because seeing brightly colored butterflies can calm him down and give him the strength to get out of this tough situation.

So, if you want to send a present to a depressed friend, anything with butterflies on it is a good pick.

Also, towels with an embroidered butterfly design make a great gift for a new couple.

Use Butterflies to Induce Change.

Their change from a caterpillar to a cocoon to a fully grown, pleasant creature is like how people change over the course of their lives, especially spiritually. It represents resolving the current issue with little resistance and producing the desired result.

The illustration of butterflies may also be employed as a treatment for any aspect of your life that needs improvement. When you’re having problems in some areas of your life, attempt to channel the energy of butterflies into the appropriate Bagua area of your home.

Use butterflies to induce change.
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Chinese Kites and Butterflies

Even though butterflies have been shown in many kinds of art, nothing is more popular than Chinese kites with these insects on them. In the world of kites, the butterfly is one of the most popular designs. Kites were employed as wall decorations in ancient times. This resulted from the significance that the butterfly’s symbol has for the Chinese people. By adorning their dwellings with artwork depicting the butterfly, they hoped to ensure a healthy and long life.

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Butterflies Tattoo

Tattooing is another kind of art that uses butterflies. Particularly among women, this butterfly symbol is a trendy choice. They’ve also been depicted in scroll painting, a unique and exquisite art technique.

Silk panels bearing colorful paintings of butterflies occasionally also feature Chinese calligraphic writing with motivational messages. (Learn more about Chinese tattoos here: Chinese Symbols as Tattoos: The Most Popular Chinese Designs with Deep Meaning)

Final Thoughts

There are many creative ways to decorate your home with the healing energy of butterflies. Choose the shape that most inspires you and prepare to be inspired!

In our lives, we, like butterflies, go through various transformations. Keeping a symbol of a butterfly as part of your Feng Shui collection is based on this principle.

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