What is Pi Yao (Pi Xiu) in Feng Shui?

Pi Yao or Pi Xiu

Pi Xiu (貔貅), or Pi Yao in some modern translation is one of the celestial beings in Chinese mythology besides the four major celestial beings (Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermilion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Tortoise of the North).

Pi Yao statue is also one of the most popular charms in Feng Shui and is believed to be an influential creature for wealth with a voracious appetite for jewels, gold, and silver.

Here, we will discuss all you need to know about Pi Yao or Pi Xiu as a Feng Shui cure: its history/origins, what it symbolizes, and its Feng Shui applications.

Origins of Pi Yao/Pi Xiu

According to ancient Chinese mythology, Pi Xiu is the ninth son of the Azure Dragon and is especially believed to be an auspicious celestial animal that brings wealth fortune, and prosperity.

In Chinese numerology, the number 9 is considered the greatest and the most powerful number, and as the ninth son, the Pi Xiu is also considered the most powerful child of the dragon.

The Pi Xiu looks like a stout and strong, winged lion with one or two antlers that are thick and long, hoofs of a horse, and a lion/dog-like face with a thick and strong tail. It has the main characteristics of a Lion and a Dog: the bravery of a lion, and the loyalty of a dog.

Pi Xiu is said to be a celestial creature that frequently travels through Heaven and Earth. Besides its ability to enhance wealth, the Pi Yao is also known to protect properties and ward off evil energies.

There are two types of Pi Xiu: male and female.

The female Pi Xiu has two antlers and is called Bìxié (邪). This female Pi Xiu is believed to ward off evil and can also cure a person suffering from bad Feng Shui luck.

The male Pi Xiu, on the other hand, is called Tinlù (天)and is believed to always be active in journeying into the Earth in search of gold and other forms of wealth while also protecting the owner’s wealth.

The male is also often known as Pi (貔) while the female is known as Xiu (貅), but nowadays there is no longer a difference of gender and the Pi Xiu is placed as a single Feng Shui cure item, although many sellers still sell the Pi Xiu in pair, saying that the male goes out to search for wealth and the female protects the wealth.

A unique characteristic of the Pi Xiu is how it has a mouth, but not an anus.

A version of the myth said that the Pi Xiu has violated the Heavenly Rules, and so the Jade Emperor punished it, only allowing the creature to eat the valuables from everywhere without an anus, so its stomach becomes a fortune store.

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Pi Xiu or Pi Yao in Feng Shui

Pi Xiu or Pi Yao in Feng Shui

While there are many Feng Shui charms and cures that are more popular than Pi Xiu or Pi Yao, the Pi Xiu is unique in being the only Feng Shui cure in the Flying Stars school of Feng Shui that is effective against the Grand Duke (Tai Sui) negative energy.

However, a general application of the Pi Xiu in Feng Shui is to attract wealth and protect the owners from bad luck, especially from accidents related to wealth. The Pi Xiu can be used alone or in pairs, and is also believed to be effective in warding off evil spirits and protecting the property from harm.

You can find Pi Xiu in the form of statues, which are commonly placed in front of a house or business (to guard the property), and also in the form of accessories like bracelets, keychains, and other accessories.

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How To Activate Your Pi Xiu?

Step 1: A real sterling silver bowl is required.

If your Pi Xiu is in the form of a bracelet, then you can place your bracelet in it whenever you reach your home/office. If possible you should place one bowl at home and another at the office to rest the Pi Xiu.

If it’s a Pi Xiu statue, then you can place the silver bowl bestie the Pi Xiu.

Step 2: fill the silver bowl with precious items like gold/silver ingots, gems, and coins. Don’t use cash notes because the Pi Xiu is believed to be not attracted to paper notes. The idea is to train your Pi Xiu to snarl these valuables you’ve put in the bowl.

Step 3: Change these precious items in your bowl annually, before each Chinese/Lunar New Year.

How Do You Cleanse Pi Xiu?

A general rule of thumb is not to allow others to touch your Pi Xiu, especially strangers (non-family-members). When it happens, it’s important to cleanse the Pi Xiu with water right away.

Also, if your Pi Xiu is dusty, then you should clean it with water.

You can put the Pi Xiu under the moonlight’s beam during the Full Moon for purification, or you can use clean rainwater to clean it. You should pack its head with a red cloth before cleaning it.

Burning sage can also help purify your Pi Xiu’s energy. Light the tip of the sage, and let its smoke surround the Pi Xiu for around 5 minutes.

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Pi Xiu Feng Shui Placement

  1. A classic placement of Pi Xiu is to protect the owner against the negative energy of Tai Sui (Grand Duke). The right positioning for this function is in the direction (Bagua direction) opposite the area affected by the Grand Duke energy.
  2. To attract wealth, Pi Xiu should be displayed as a pair in the house’s or office’s money area or your lucky direction for wealth. You can also place the Pi Xiu in a prominent area of your living room
  3. You should not place the Pi Xiu in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, especially not facing the bed. The Pi Xiu is believed to always aggressively move forward to grab wealth energy and thus might cause nightmares and disturbances when facing the bed.
  4. Don’t place the Pi Xiu facing the mirrors, since the reflection might stress the Pi Xiu.
  5. Place the Pi Xiu in front of your front doors as a protection for the house and to attract wealth energy to the house, but do not place the Pi Xiu towards the front door.

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